What to Do When Nosy Neighbours Don’t Respect Your Privacy

A nosy neighbor can be one of the most annoying things to deal with. Every time you do anything, both inside and outside of your home, they will be around listening to your conversations and keeping an eye on what’s occurring around your home.

What to Do When Nosy Neighbours Don't Respect Your Privacy
So what are you supposed to do when you have an overzealous neighbor who won’t respect your privacy? Here are some suggestions.

Ignore Them

Some nosy neighbors are more interested in the attention you give them than they are of what’s actually going on or being said at your home. When you notice your neighbor being nosy, just ignore them. They’ll soon get bored that you’re not giving them any attention, and they’ll move on to being nosy somewhere else.

Drop Hints

The next time you talk to your neighbor, start dropping hints about recognizing their nosy-ness. For example, tell them that you read an article about how a lot of homeowners have problems with nosy neighbors, or let them know that another neighbor talked about seeing a neighbor peering through their window. If the nosy neighbor is spying on you, they’re probably spying on other neighbors too, and this may get them to back off.

Go Crazy

If you know that your neighbors likes to pay attention to everything that you say or do, give them something to pay attention to. For example, do something completely strange, such as hold a tea party with your child’s stuffed animals, or go around your yard pretending to be an animal, or even hang out in the nude. The craziness of your antics may make your nosy neighbor feel uncomfortable to the point where they stop being so nosy.

Block Them

Another great way to gain back some privacy is to block your neighbors. Build a fence or throw up a line of tall bushes between your yards. This can help block them from seeing everything that you do. You should also invest in some large curtains that you cannot see through and make sure that all of your windows are blocked at night.

You may also want to keep any conversations out of earshot of your neighbor. Make sure you’re not talking outside or near windows to keep them from listening in.

Be Annoying

You could also regain some of your privacy by being just as nosy and annoying as they are. Start making it obvious that you’re also spying on them. Stare at their house while they’re inside, listen in on conversations that they have and be just as creepy. This may make them realize that it’s not fun to be spied on, and they may start to back off.

Confront Them

This is a last resort, as you’ll still have to live next to these people, but if all else fails, you’ll want to make sure that you confront your neighbor. Let them know that you’ve noticed them listening to you or being extra nosy while you’re outside and that you don’t appreciate it. Let them know that if they don’t start to back off, you will have to get the authorities involved, and this is a big enough threat to put any nosy neighbor in their place.

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