What You Need to Know About Dating Somebody Who Works in Aviation

The career path of aviation is one that invokes a romantic ideal out of people. If you stopped somebody on the street and asked them if they ever had a dream about being a pilot or a flight attendant, they’d of course give you their own unique answer pertaining to their personality and life experiences, but generally a person would say that sounds amazing.

If you pick out the best characteristics of the job, everybody would be on board. You get to travel for free. You get to meet amazing people. You get to experience all the world has to offer, even if it’s vicariously through a passenger you’re serving on a flight. You get to buy all sorts of gifts and souvenirs to commemorate your life of travel. What’s better than that? Of course there are downfalls to the job, but every job has those.

Even if you don’t have a desire to work in aviation, chances are pretty good that you just might date somebody who works in aviation and they’re a brand of people all their own. Just in case this is you, here are things you need to know about dating somebody who works in aviation.

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The Hours Are Wonky

Layovers, redeye flights, international flights, and everything else that does along with a career in the aviation industry are things you’ll have to deal with when dating somebody who’s tied to the business. It’s not all bad, of course, but you just might have to get used to the fact that you might not see your significant other for a week straight. You might be forced to work opposite schedules and you’ll constantly have to put up with your partner having jet lag or complaining about all the people who think it’s okay to try and join the mile high club.

They’ll Get Hit On A Lot

It’s nice when your partner isn’t working because you’re probably spending every ounce of time together, but when your partner is on a plane somewhere far away, you can’t have control over what happens to them. People are really drawn to flight attendants and pilots for whatever reason, so your partner is going to get hit on a lot. If you trust them, it’s no big deal, but you just have to know that it’s something you’ve got to be prepared for. If you’re the jealous type, you might want to date somebody in a different career field.

They’re Probably Very Independant

People who are drawn to the aviation industry are generally people who are adventurous and have a love for people and travel. This usually equates to them being very independent people. Independent people don’t like to be reigned in, so it’s up to you to handle them in a way that they’re going to be able to receive. If you’re okay with distance at times, it will work great for you. If you’re a homebody from the start, it might not be your thing.

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