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Now that you’re pregnant, your health is especially important you’re taking care of two now. Keep those safety rules you studied straight, find ways to keep stress away, eat the right foods, learn safe exercise routines, and take a look at these great apps to have a healthy pregnancy and get tips for pregnant women.

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

Cost: $0.99

Not the most creative name, but a handy guide to foods you may want to avoid. If you’re craving a delicious California roll or blue cheese, you can check the app and see whether it falls on the unsafe list. Foods are broken down into categories and subcategories making it easy to do a quick search on your phone.

Yoga Mama

Cost: $2.99

Did you know that when you’re pregnant, you’re more flexible because of a special hormone? Unfortunately, that means you have to be careful not to overdo it. Yoga Mama offers safe, guided pre-natal yoga workouts with lots of breathing and relaxation exercises. The exercises have easy-to-understand explanations along with photos of each pose, so you can model after them. It’s a smart way to work out during pregnancy.

Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials

Cost: $2.99

American Baby magazine’s app for moms-to-be was developed by doctors and has been consistently rated as one of the best pregnancy apps on the market. It has lots of charts and timelines, to-do lists, a kick counter, and even a contraction timer that helps you keep track of all your pregnancy health needs. Sprout is easy to use, and it can be personalized with due date, your baby’s gender, and even a name for your new baby.

Enhancing Female Fertility Naturally.Soleil Organics App

Cost: $0.99

If there’s a particularly good time to start eating more organic foods, it’s probably now when you’re pregnant. This app breaks down foods into different categories including fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. and lists the best ones for you to buy organic, and the ones you can skip.

Positive Pregnancy

Cost: $2.99

Pregnancy should be a happy time, yet you may feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. This app aims to help you maintain a healthy mind-set during pregnancy by offering tools for calming your hormonally charged nerves, and realigning your perspective. It’s exactly what a mom-to-be needs.


Cost: Free

There may be more comprehensive food guide apps out there, but if you’re a diehard seafood fan, you’ll need this app. Seafood is listed in categories and alphabetically so you can search quickly when you’re dining out or at the grocery store. Plus, you can read all you want about eating fish and its safe and healthy benefits.

Pregnancy & Medication Safety

Cost: Free (Lite Version)

What do you need to avoid while pregnant? This app categorizes different medicines and their risks to the fetus based on information from the FDA. Categories range from A (the safest) all the way up to D (potential for danger). Some fall into Category X, meaning they’re a definite Do Not Take! Even though you should always double-check with your doctor before taking any medications while pregnant, this app can give you a good first look with some valuable information.

Good Food Near You

Cost: Free

When on the road, and fried food or diner fare scares you the, this app of more than 200,000 healthy food locations will save you. Just type in your location, or let the app find the place for you, and you’ll get restaurant listings, the healthiest menu items, along with fat and calorie counts. This is the best free pregnancy apps for women who travel frequently or those who live in bigger metropolitan areas.

Food Additives

Cost: $3.99

You might think you know what you’re eating, but much todays foods are pumped full of coloring agents and other preservatives that might harm to you or your fetus’ health. Here’s a handy app to help you read about all the nastiest food additives. With a database of more than 450 additives that are listed by name and number, with a quick search you can check the additive see if it’s good or bad for you.

Pilates for Pregnancy – Complete

Cost: $8.99

Strengthening the core is a super way to make it through the aches and pains associated with an expanding belly. It can also help during labor and later on when you’re toting your new baby around. This app has three workouts designed specifically for each trimester, developed by a certified Pilates instructor. The app features other pregnancy planning elements too, including a to-do list, a photo book, and so on.

Pregnancy and Baby Development

Cost: Free

This comprehensive app takes mamas-to-be from the first stages of fetal development through the first year of life. It’s an easy-to-use journal that helps you keep track of things like notes to the doctor and thoughts about potential baby names. You’ll find food lists and nutritional guides to help you navigate safe and healthy eating, plus Discovery Channel-like video clips that show you what’s happening with your baby.


Cost: $0.99

Pregnant women typically need between 8 to 12 eight ounce cups of water per day, and even more on hot days or during exercise. Dehydration can be a factor in constipation, preterm labor, fatigue and even miscarriage. This app helps you set goals for staying hydrated during pregnancy, and can come in pretty handy during nursing as well.

50+ Most Popular Mocktails

Cost: $0.99

You can’t have a real alcohol cocktail now that you’re expecting, but that does not mean you have to drink nothing but water or cranberry juice every time you go out. This app is great in providing recipes for a variety of unusual concoctions that you can have instead of alcohol. Try a virgin pina colada on the outside deck this summer, or serve virgin cosmos at your baby shower. It’s an app that’s probably more fun than useful, but probably worth the occasional fake buzz.

Insight Timer – Meditation Timer

Cost: $2.99

Stress during pregnancy is bad for you, your blood pressure, and your developing baby. This app is designed to add some peace and quiet to your busy life. Though it’s not a guided meditation, the sounds you hear to meditate or do yoga to are great, with choices ranging a Tibetan singing bowl to bells that ring as often as you choose.

eSleep Lite

Cost: Free

No matter how tired you are, with an ever-expanding baby in your belly it’s hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Add to that the worries that come along with actually having a baby and insomnia can easily set in. Although this sleep music app is no wonder drug for achieving sleep, the mellow sounds and music may help you get your mind off your physical discomfort or those concerns that are always running through your head. The eSleep comes with an alarm as well, and can even create white noise for the baby when he or she arrives.

Keeping your health during pregnancy is vital. Along with keeping those special safety rules you’ve studied, plus avoiding stress, getting the right exercises and eating the right foods is extremely important. Adding a few of these apps may also make your pregnancy a lot smoother, possibly even more than you ever thought it would be.

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