Most Common Reasons For A Visit To The Pediatric Doctor’s Office.

In general kids spend more time visiting the doctor than adults do. Because of how often they are growing, it is necessary to look into their growth to ensure they are developing in a healthy way.

It is important to make sure everything is developing properly before it is too late to correct. Some of the most common health problems can be avoided if they are detected early. When your child is sick, don’t hesitate to visit the pediatrician, contact them as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the most common reasons to take your child to the doctor.

Routine check up

During their younger years, your child is changing quickly, growing and learning new things at an alarming rate. Your child needs regular visits to the pediatrician to detect any problems, especially during their first year of life. After the first few years, when a visit is needed much more often, take your child in for a check up at least once a year until they are eighteen. This can help detect problems early on. Some of the most common problems that will harm your children well into their adult life could have been avoided or helped if properly watched.

During a physical exam for your child, the doctor will:

  • Check their weight and height, tell you which percentile the fall in and let you know if this is healthy for their age
  • Check your child’s body mass index
  • Test your child’s blood pressure, to look for problems there
  • Test your child’s blood sugar, to prevent problems such as type one diabetes
  • Your doctor will ask about your child’s sleep cycle, eating habits, and exercise, telling you if their current routines are enough to keep healthy
  • Examine your child’s sight and hearing, sending them to a specialist if it is necessary to get your child tested further for glasses or hearing aids

With all these checks in place, your child will remain healthier into adult life. A year of development can make a huge difference, especially if they are not developing in the right direction.

Most Common Reasons For A Visit To The Pediatric Doctor's Office.Respiratory problems

If your child has an acute upper respiratory infection, or acute pharyngitis, getting it taken care of early is key. These problems can develop into something worse if not treated as soon as possible.

For most kids, getting a cold on occasion is normal. They are in close quarters with many kids their age during school hours. If one child is sick, they all have a potential of getting sick. Take your child to the doctor to get medication for them, but to also make sure they aren’t contagious.

Some respiratory issues can develop into problems much more severe. Questions and treatment for asthma makes up 2.8% of childhood doctors visits. This may seem like a low number, but compared to all the pediatric problems out there, it shows how dangerous this problem could be.

If your child is having problems breathing during playtime, coughs excessively, or is short of breath sooner than the rest of the kids his or her age, this could be a more serious problem. It is best to get it taken care of as early as possible. Take them in to make sure they don’t have a serious respiratory problem. If they do, get the inhalers and treatment necessary to help them deal with it.

There are many reasons for children to visit the doctor. The most common of all comes for routine visits, showing how important they are to your child’s development. Make sure to get them in as often as necessary. If there are any additional problems with the respiratory functions, take them in to get checked again. Detecting the problem early could make a huge difference.





Cassie Costner writes on the most common reasons for Utah pediatrics visits. She has researched how often to take your child to the doctor for a check up, and what issues are serious enough to take them in between these check ups. 

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