Money Matters – The Tobacco Cigarette Versus The E-Cig.

When you start a business, it is essential that you understand the basics of your business because they form the most essential foundation for you when you begin your entrepreneurial venture. Knowing how to handle questions about competitors, knowing where the chinks in their armors are found should be very helpful and this will help you know what to do different, what to supply and how to make money out of it.

Cigarette smoking is globally shunned now, and as an electronic cigarette distributor, you should be able to know the reasons why your product is superior to the traditional one. This will help you turn the tide as you sell and distribute your product because it has a difference.

You should be able to tell the difference between the two products by looking at how they make money and how the companies involved make their profit margin and sit will not take a genius to see that the electronic cigarette is a superior product, healthier and more acceptable. Here is that comparison.

How the tobacco cigarette makes its money

It is important to know the source of the tobacco cigarette to understand how far it has come. It started as hemp, something people of old used to calm their nerves and for special occasions. When it was discovered, it leads to the proliferation of cigarette brands that sold the brands as a way of life, something that would set you apart from the crowd.

The truth is cigarette smoking at some point was the classiest, sexiest and the most rebellious thing you could do as a youth. This however changed when the multi dollar business lead to the deaths of millions of people due to diseases that were caused by harmful additives on their products. However, that is information for another day, how does this industry make its money?


Addiction is the most favorable thing that can happen to a brand but only if the brand is nit killing people or giving them ailments that are slowly eating them away. The tobacco cigarette is addictive due to the nicotine it contains.

As the smoker goes on smoking increasing his daily intake of nicotine, the body starts depending on the high they get from the nicotine and the brain stops producing dopamine; the chemical responsible for excitement, in the body without being induced by the nicotine in the cigarettes. This is why; when a smoker spends a lot of time without smoking, he or she gets massive headaches as the body struggles to produce dopamine to no avail.

Different flavors

Another thing that markets the tobacco cigarettes is the different flavors they have introduced to the cigarettes with flavors such as menthol topping the charts, they have gone on to have strawberry, chocolate and even cinnamon flavors to attract different clients especially those who dislike the aftertaste of cigarettes and the bad smell they leave in your mouth.

Brand marketing

Before their advertising was banned worlds wide, cigarette companies had the most vigorous, and creative ad campaigns, always speaking to the inner nature of man of wanting to achieve, have the best things in life and the allure of coolness, something everyone craves at one point or the other. This is what professionals call finesse.

How the electronic cigarette makes its money

Money Matters - The Tobacco Cigarette Versus The E-Cig.

How then would you make your money selling electronic cigarettes? Simple: focus on health. Globally, nothing is on the spotlight as much as health care, why with Obamacare in America and other forms of medical insurance being debated in other countries, you can be sure that health will dominate your business. Therefore, what would you need to make sure that you got to your clients?

Disease free

This is your major selling point, people have had enough about cancer, it is about time they heard about cancer free cigarettes that were safe and had no additives. Your need to portray your product as such, your marketers can forget everything else and have this as their mantra and you would still have a place to sell your product.

Cost effective

Compared to the other brand, electronic cigarettes are cost effective, you buy the cartridge, and atomizer once and you can stay for a long time with it. The only thing you need to keep on buying is the e-cig liquid that gives you control to determine the amount of nicotine you require. This makes it an efficient way to get over cigarette smoking.





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