Mobile Security 101: How To Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe and Secure.

Mobile Security 101: How To Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe and Secure.

It is truly incredible how essential smartphones and mobile devices have become in our daily lives, within just the last decade or so. From taking photos, sending emails, playing games, they are like mini-computers. And today, smartphones are so advanced that making phone calls is a forgettable feature in some cases, compared to millions of mobile apps available to download and the computer-like behavior that is now possible on a mobile device. But with all of these advances in mobile development, allowing us to share, connect, communicate, research, and more, also comes security implications that rival any of those you could find on a desktop computer because of how closely we hold our mobile devices and how much personal information they typically hold. This infographic, Mobile Security 101, gives an overview of all the cyber security issues that affect mobile devices and how to protect yourself from them, along with some truly enlightening information about how your contacts and phone information might have already been stolen without you even knowing it.

This infographic was produced by Brainloop, an Enterprise Software and Services company providing electronic document compliance management and Brainloop document sharing.

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