Memorizing Scripture – How To Keep The Bible With You Always.

Several years ago a scary thought made its debut; what if some entity destroyed all the Bibles. How would people be able to read the wonderful stories, learn the truths, or memorize Scripture?! The solution, simple as it may sound, was to commit passages to heart, along with the contexts in which they exist.

The phrase, they can’t take away my salvation, applies in the case of Scripture as well. If you find it important to have an absolute on which to base life, memorizing the Bible answers those questions. In fact, as the realization of your dependence on His Word grows, you find understanding – in those ah-ha, glowing light bulb moments that you only discover when studying and/or memorizing His Book, the Bible.

  • Have a Plan

Having a plan to memorize Scripture is vital. For example, some folks think committing “basic” verses to memory is the most important beginning. Various selections including Psalm 23; the Lord’s Prayer, yes it is actually a section of the Bible, come to mind. But there are many reasons for memorizing Scripture. One well-known theologian has said the following, “ … my main reason for memorizing Scripture is not to teach anybody anything but to fight unbelief in my life[; t]o fight discouragement in my life[; t]o handle[…]sorrows that come across my life.”


  • Stripped

It is quite difficult not to just end this article right now. Without having Bible verses at your fingertips, or memory tips, knowing the truths of the Bible and their applications as relate to life, is many times what keeps people surviving in desolate circumstances. Think for example of the soldiers captured and sent to horrible prisoners of war camps for what seemed to be eternities. So many of them recounted times of torture when all they had on them were Bible verses they memorized.

  • Will I Ever Understand?

Of course the more often you read the Bible and pray, yearning for understanding, you will come to the place even in conversation that various passages and verses will reappear in your mind. These are times I like to call “Oh, now get it!” moments. People who enjoy discovering what Scripture is saying refer to their special moments as God’s revealing His Word and Will through the Bible. These people are Christians.

  • Memorizing Scripture - How To Keep The Bible With You Always.For True Peace

Scripture, however is not solely reserved for Christians, the Bible is useful for instruction, training, rebuking, and correcting. (II Timothy 3:16) But to enjoy its full benefit, not just read the wise words, being a genuine Christian when the words enter the brain, brings true, lasting peace. Have you ever completed reading a book, closed it and known the contents were dependable; the stories accurate; and the principles defendable?

  • Your Agenda

If someone or something did away with all the Bibles, would you have enough Scripture tucked away in your memory to take you through that very crisis? Would it even be a crisis to you? As suggested earlier, memorizing selected verses is vital, but without knowing the context of the verse(s) you only know a portion of the available meaning. With no particular agenda, try reading a book of the Bible and memorize several of the verses you find interesting.



Caleb Grant is a pastor and father of four.  He has recently been teaching about the importance of memorizing Scripture and sharing ideas via blogging.

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