How to Keep Makeup from Melting or Fading; Beauty and Skin Care Tips.

Many women struggle with maintaining a clear finish to their faces. Makeup can often fade or be wiped off during the day, leaving behind a blotchy or uneven tone. This is especially true in the summer months when heat can cause foundation to smear more easily. There are several ways to keep makeup fresh throughout the entire day with these easy to follow tips.

How to Keep Makeup from Melting or Fading; Beauty and Skin Care Tips.
One of the main reasons why makeup runs during the day is excess oil. While women with dry skin don’t normally have to worry about this, anyone with combination or oily skin will probably experience this at some point. The best way to control oil is to skip using a moisturizer or to use an oil-free moisturizer with a sunscreen. Many moisturizers are labeled as oil-controiling which are also a good idea.

Even if a liquid foundation is preferred, finish off the look by using a powder foundation. A loose powder can be applied lightly and will help to seal in the foundation and maintain a smooth look for the entire day. A fan brush is a good idea for applying powder and will help to apply a light layer without looking caked. Using a powder blush is also a good idea and avoiding cream blushes will help to keep cheeks looking smoother.

Most women notice the most amount of oil near their eyes and lips. If applying eye-shadow, use a primer that is specifically designed to keep a eye-shadow from fading or smudging. This will help to maintain a clear look without developing creases on the eyelids. For lip color, choosing a long-wearing lipstick is the best idea.

These lipsticks are specifically designed to be non-oily and to absorb oil without smudging. Lip glosses are usually the worst choice and usually don’t stay in place very long. Use these sparingly or apply a thin coat of lip gloss over a long-wearing lip gloss to have that smooth, shiny look.

Even with these tips, skin may still develop some oil and smudging. The best way to deal with this is to be prepared to do some quick touch-up during the day. Carry a makeup sponge around during the day. If creases develop, use the sponge to smooth out makeup and maintain that clear and even appearance. Another good idea is to have a pack of oil-absorbing sheets.

These are available at most stores and come in small packs that can be kept in a purse easily. These sheets can be used to press against problem areas such as the nose or forehead and they work to absorb oil without smudging makeup.

These tips are some of the best ways on how to keep makeup from melting or fading. While it may be difficult to maintain a smooth appearance for the entire day, these tips help to keep foundation from being uneven for a full day. Try using these tips to stop makeup creasing. These beauty secrets are a great way to look good for the entire day.

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