Maintain Skin Care all year: 10 Tips on Healthy Looking Skin in Winter.

As soon as the chilly autumn settles in, most women’s skin becomes dry and sometimes itchy. While this is the cold wind and low temperatures’ way of saying “Hello”, the secret to maintaining that awesome alive and young feel of your skin during the cold seasons is a matter of continuing your skin care schedule.

Even though summer is all gone now, that does not mean you have to say goodbye to proper hydration and trusty sunscreen. Essentially, caring for your skin during late autumn and winter implies more than applying a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF and a bottle of water with you.

Maintain Skin Care all year: 10 Tips on Healthy Looking Skin in Winter.Following are several care tips and tricks to help you keep your skin looking great all year-long.

  1. Exfoliate

Perhaps the most important skin care trick that should not miss from your arsenal is to exfoliate once per week. A good scrubbing is the most efficient solution to eliminating the dead skin cells from the body and revealing the pink, healthy tissue underneath.

  1. Moisturizing daily

As a rule of thumb, any exfoliation procedure should be automatically followed by the application of an effective moisturizer. However, given the harshness of the elements on your skin during the cold seasons, it is advisable to set up a moisturizer routine every day to hydrate your skin. The best time to apply your moisturizer is immediately after you took a shower/bath because you can entrap some of the moisture already absorbed by your skin.

  1. Reconsider your shower gel

In spite of the fact that during summer you can be more “reckless” in terms of selecting your shower gel, the same does not apply during the cold season. Irrespective of how much you like the scent, the feeling and the freshness provided by your current gel, make sure that it does not dry your skin, it is hydrating and soap-free. More often than not, a creamy shower gel is the best choice for fall and winter.

  1. Refrain from licking your lips

Dry, cracked lips are a normal result of the unsympathetic winds during the cold season. Even though your first instinct would be to lick your lips to moisture them, you will only manage to make it worse. Therefore, carry a lip balm with you and apply it each time you feel tempted to lick your lips.

  1. Wear gloves

There is no better protection from cold weather and the wind than a quality pair of gloves to keep your hands protected and warm. Obviously, dry and warm hands also mean a healthy and young-looking skin as well. On a side note, if you are allergic to wool, then the best solution for keeping the skin on your hands looking great is to wear cotton mittens under the normal gloves.

  1. Consider a cuticle oil or cream

Along with cracked lips, dry cuticles are another common thing you will experience during autumn and winter, especially if your hand cream does not moisture your hands properly. However, you can easily take care of this little issue by applying a cuticle oil/cream two or three times per week.

  1. A hand moisturizer can become your new best friend

Cold weather and water have a devastating effect on your skin. Given that you will need to expose your hands to water more frequently than any other part of the body, it is imperious that you buy a heavy-duty moisturizer cream. You can apply it as often you see fit, even each time you wash your hands.

  1. Let your hair dry naturally

While it is true that a hot bath or shower can help you get warm and cozy, the hair dryer should not be used during late autumn and winter. Because it can irritate and dry your scalp, regular use of the dryer will inevitably lead to an unhealthy looking hair.

  1. Systematize your skin care regimen

The best way to keep up with the various skin care procedures is by setting up a schedule. Your skin will love it and you will be able to enjoy a healthy, young appearance throughout the entire year.

  1. Re-evaluate your current skin care products

If you are following a skin care routine and you do not notice any improvement, perhaps you do not have the best beauty products to help you out.

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