Lunchtime Saving: Bring Your Own Lunch And Count The Savings.

We don’t always put as much thought into our lunch as we should. The temptation to go out and simply buy some pre-packed sandwiches in some store’s ever-attractive meal deal, or even visit a fast food restaurant on our lunch break can be overwhelming. Many people like to get out purchasing their lunch merely as a means of getting out of the office, but just because you want to take in some fresh air and a change of environment does not mean you need to splash the cash you can ill afford.

Preparing your own lunch can save significant amounts of money in the long run. When you consider how much money is spent on one lunch when eating out and compare it to preparing a lunch to bring in from home, the benefits are obvious; it is even possible to prepare a week’s worth of lunch from the budget of one day eating out.

Some people may sneer at pre-packed lunches, but that is a simply ridiculous attitude to take to what can be an extremely beneficial meal – both in financial and health terms. Preparing your own lunch allows you to know exactly what ingredients went into its preparation. No more nasty surprises from finding out a sandwich had an unknown ingredient you did not notice, or the frankly obscene amount of salt contained within many pre-packaged food stuffs.

Get Packing

Sandwiches are a lunchtime favourite for a reason. Many people do not like buying bread because it can be hard to consume the entire loaf before it goes mouldy, but there is a simple solution for this: home freezing! By purchasing bread from the reduced aisle and them immediately home freezing the loaf when you get home, you have an ideal supply of bread for your lunchtime sandwiches. Slices can be removed the night before and left to defrost for preparation the next morning.

A perfect accompaniment to your sandwich could be a healthy and nutritious yogurt. These can be purchased in large containers, as the smaller lunch-aimed pots can cost significantly more despite containing the same product. A plastic container is ideal for pouring a daily amount of yogurt inside and taking with you every day. Goods sold in individual, smaller packaging are often much more expensive that the larger bulk products, meaning it is always advisable to look for the product which gives you the most bang for your buck.

Lunchtime Saving: Bring Your Own Lunch And Count The Savings.Fruit is the ideal way to fill up over lunchtime while also feeling the nutritional benefits. These can all be easily enjoyed outdoors, but when the weather takes a turn for the worse you might find yourself wanting to stay inside for a warmer meal.

Winter Warmers

For the winter months, soup is an extremely popular lunchtime meal. If you fancy yourself as something of an aspiring home chef, then lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your new recipes. Preparing homemade soup the night before allows you to hone your skills while providing a hearty and warm meal for the next day.

If your soup making skills are not up to scratch or you simply do not have the time to go out of your way to prepare something especially for lunch, then you could always set aside your leftovers from the previous night’s meal as a quick and easy meal for the next day. There are often situations where for one reason or another your evening’s meal ends up yielding a significantly larger portion than you had originally intended! These opportunities are perfect for saving some of your overspill for lunchtime meals. Whether you eat it the next day or freeze it and save it for a later date is completely up to you, and dependent on the food stuff, of course!


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