Long-Term Food Storage Ideas For Those Always On The Go

When you are planning to travel for a long time, you would naturally like to return home to see your refrigerator full of luscious foods that are still fresh. Moreover, if you are well nourished, you will be able to perform your chores much better. A healthy and balanced diet would ensure that you have higher resistance to diseases. So, what can you do to store foods for the long term?

The rule to be followed before following long term food storage ideas is to eat what you have stored and store what you would be eating. The foods you store should be of different varieties, so that it is possible to ensure that you have food saved up for the long term.


Buy Canned Foods

Meats, soups and vegetables in cans are some of the best value additions to your long term food save up plan. Foods available in cans can remain up to a period of approximately one year. In order to ensure that your canned foods are always ready in case you return from a trip, make sure you purchase cans that have the latest dates on them, and keep older cans in the front of your refrigerator, so that you can use them first. Then, replenish your cans as required by you later on. Cans that have a bulge on the outside are the ones that have begun to decompose. So, you can safely discard them.

Purchase dried foods

The dehydrated foods are an excellent way to ensure that your foods will remain fresh for a long time. The microbes that are responsible for the decomposition of food cannot thrive in dried food cans. Also, the enzymes that are responsible for the deterioration of the foods would not be present in dried food cans, thus making your food stay fresh for the long run. Foods that have been properly dehydrated do not require any refrigeration or storage in the cellar. If you are dehydrating the foods yourself, you must take care to remove most of the water from the foods in order to ensure that they do not get spoilt.

In Ground Storage

For foods such as radishes, beetroots, etc. in ground winter storage is the ideal way to go about saving them up for the long term. In order to protect the vegetables from hard freezes, cover them up with some leaves, straw, etc.

Put The Foods In Your Cellar

Putting the foods in the cellar is one of the oldest long term food storage ideas that people have been following before the refrigerator could come to the market. Most foods require that they be stored in a cool environment, where there is a little bit of moisture in the environment. A cellar is such a place and is ideal for long term food storage. Modern root cellars are however dry and warm due to people placing heaters in them during the winter. So, they may not entirely be ideal for food storage for the long run as compared to refrigerators.

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