Laser Resurfacing Skin Surgery Procedure: How To Look Years Younger.

How To Look years younger with Laser resurfacing skin procedure.Why would anyone think about having laser resurfacing done? There are various reasons for choosing this procedure. It is presumptuous to think everyone who has this done must be vain. Getting better looking skin can be an important marketing tool for you. If you are in a highly competitive job situation, you will use every avenue available to you to stay in your position and even more, to advance. Looking better gives you an edge over another person equally qualified. Self-confidence is another reason to have your skin smooth and even toned. Scars and liver spots can be greatly diminished with laser treatments.

Are You The Perfect Candidate For Laser Resurfacing?

Based on info gathered at this website to know whether laser resurfacing is for you, you should have an honest conversation with your physician. You may be told that the best candidates for laser resurfacing are patients with light to medium dark skin and those who are not currently suffering from active acne. Those lines that have accumulated around your mouth, those on your forehead and around your eyes are the easiest to smoother out. Unfortunately, laser treatments are not recommended for patients who want to eradicate their stretch marks.

Carbon Dioxide Or Erbium?

There are two different types of laser resurfacing available. One is an ablative type of laser resurfacing and the other is a non-ablative type. The non-ablative type is for the deeper tissue, leaving surface tissue intact while it stimulates the deep dermis to synthesize collagen. Because there is no tissue injury, there is no recovery time needed. You can have your treatment and go on to work or keep doing your daily chores. The ablative type is harsher on the skin because it removes the upper layers. With the layers, it removes wrinkles, lines and discolorations. This is also the type of resurfacing that works best on acne scars or birthmarks, rosacea and warts.

Erbium Lasers Are Gentler On The Skin

Some of the ever-dreaded skin cancers can be eradicated before they grow and spread into deeper tissue by laser resurfacing of the ablative type. These lasers use carbon dioxide and are applied to the lesions on the skin in pulsing beams. Another ablating laser resurfacing method is through the erbium laser. It affects wrinkles and lines that are moderately deep, located on the hands, face, neck or the chest. The greatest benefit between carbon dioxide and erbium lasers is the minimized burning of tissue next to the target area. There is also less swelling. You may see less bruising and minimal redness with erbium laser resurfacing.

Infection Is A Risk

There are a few risks with ablative laser treatments. Because it removes layers of skin, infection can pose a risk after treatment. Viruses that have been dormant in the skin may become active, but bacterial infections are also common. Fungal infections are less common but by no means impossible. After the dermal peel (laser resurfacing), acne may flare up temporarily because the skin needs to be covered with thick creams and dressings. This provides a good environment for acne to become active. A minor risk involves scarring. It does not happen frequently but you should be aware of the possibility. Your skin color may become either lighter or darker and is temporary. Itching and swelling are to be expected because of the laser treatment.

Stay Out Of Direct Sunlight And Don’t Pick Your Scabs

After the laser resurfacing is complete, there are a few precautions you should take. Stay out of the sun. The heat will only increase your itching. You may want to stay at home until the crusting of your face has cleared up. Yellow liquid will seep from your treated areas and form a crust. No matter how this may itch, if you pick the scab, you may create a few scars you didn’t have before. Your face will be covered with thick creams and ointments as well as airtight dressings until new skin covers your face in a week or two. After that happens, you may use ice packs to reduce swelling.

Look Younger For Years

The results of ablative laser resurfacing will keep you looking younger and smoother for years. It is in general more effective in erasing wrinkles and lines than the non-ablative procedure. Staying out of the sun will always be a prescription you should heed after an ablative laser resurfacing because the new skin is especially susceptible to UVA and UVB rays.

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