Knee Issues and Arthritis

As the person grows older, his entire body starts to change. Organism is no longer able to produce substances that are necessary for it to work properly. With this, many different issues can occur, leading to diseases and injuries. At the same time, individual is no longer able to protect itself biologically because the immune system is starting to slow down. Among many different things that can happen to a person, bone issues are perhaps the worst ones. Not only do they last long, they also can lead to complete loss of movement and function. Having that in mind, it is safe to say that osteoarthritis is one of the most bothersome problems that elderly person can encounter.

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There are about hundred different types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common one and about third of world’s population is suffering from it. It appears after age of forty and as the time goes by, it only gets worse. Knee osteoarthritis is especially problematic. The disease affects cartilage between the bones and it slowly eats it up. Even though the cartilage regenerates naturally, this condition makes it impossible to regenerate in time. After a while, it completely disappears. Cartilage is very important as a cushion that works between two bones. Without it, bones start to rub each other and mineral deposits start to appear on the surface. This leads to pain, inflammation and swelling. Even though destruction of cartilage it is irreversible, it is possible to reduce the symptoms and alleviate the pain. Physical therapy is a must and at the same time, various drugs such as Synvisc, Orthovisc or Euflexxa from are a good choice.

Even though this disease affects elderly people, some young individuals have got it as a result of physical trauma. Also, it is more common among women. Scientists are still not sure what causes this issue. Most of them believe that it is mix of different influences that leads to it. Naturally, like any other disease, it is possible to inherit it from parents or grandparents. As previously mentioned, physical injury can also cause it. So far, it has been discovered that osteoarthritis is more common in people who have weight issue, perform certain physical work (especially those that are repetitive and require a lot of physical strength to do it) and women after menopause.

The fact that the symptoms are irreversible and that osteoarthritis gets worse with years doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. After diagnosing the condition, you can consult with your doctor so that he can recommend physical activities and treatment best suitable for you. Given that the disease is a result of wear and tear, it is important to reduce amount of pressure that is exercised upon knees. This can be done by using medical shoes. At the same time, patient should strengthen nearby muscles without any excessive training. If a person starts training too much, it can lead to further trauma and damage to cartilage. Patients should avoid climbing up and down the stairs and carrying heavy things that can burden the knees. Orthovisc is a great choice for pain. Euflexxa and Synvisc are also very popular products for treatment of this issue.

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