What kind of External Shutter to choose for Your Homes?

When you stay at home, you can’t help but love the beautiful outdoors. Wouldn’t you like to have an outside view rather than build walls all around your house? However, you do need to protect your home from things like bad weather, intruders, burglars and the sort. One of the best trending options for this problem is to have external shutters for your house. The good kind will not only protect your house but will also:

  • Look amazing
  • Help you in controlling you privacy
  • Defend your home from some pretty difficult weather conditions
  • Allow natural airflow
  • Provide shade
  • And best of all give you a splendid view of what’s outside

Closed shutters of a building

It is important to remember that the exterior of the house speaks a lot about the interior if the house and even the people living in it. So it is important that you choose the shutters for the exterior of your house wisely. These shutters can be attached to all entry and exit ways, like the doors, the garage, and windows etcetera. An external shutter can be used for more practical purposes or more decorative ones as per your choice and design. You can choose from

  • Protective shutters: these are used to mainly protect your home from intruders or extreme weather conditions, be it storms, hail or snow. They are fixed up outside your windows with hinges so you can just pull them shut and stay protected from most bad weather.
  • Decorative shutters: some people install non-operating shutters on windows for purely decorative purposes. They can make the exteriors of your house look really amusing.


These external shutters can be made with various materials like wood, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, steel etcetera.

  • One of the most popular materials, due to its low cost, is vinyl. It is easy to install, low on maintenance and durable. While it is not the best choice when it comes to protective shutters, it is ideal for decorative purposes.
  • A more expensive and stylish choice would be wooden shutters. They have more versatility and choice in design. You will find carved and decorated wood. You can choose the kind of wood you like; anything from mahogany to pine. However, many experts say that, while choosing shutters for external purposes, you must choose cedar. That is because cedar contains decay resistant oils or tannin. It is also repellant to bugs and can hold paint well. But it is also a fact that wood is higher maintenance, as it will need to be painted every few years and you have to watch out for decay.
  • You can also check out aluminum shutters. They are lightweight, strong and durable materials. These panels can also be made for angled openings. They are resistant to bad weather and are low maintenance. They can be used as protective as well as decorative shutters. They can be painted easily to suit the décor of your house.

Where to find it

You will find several shutter installation companies. You can check and review these companies before making an informed decision. You will need to find an experienced and knowledgeable installer who will not damage your exteriors in the process of installation. You can get to know the best prices by comparing within the available companies. It is recommended that you take the help of a professional installer when the time comes.

Be it a traditional or modern look, external shutters can really add the wow factor to the overall look and style of your house. Give it a try and you might just be surprised at the level of sophistication this simple addition can bring to your house.

Hope you like above mentioned information about external shutter!!! Do you want to know more? Let’s have a look for some more useful information.

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