More Than Just Window Treatments

When many people evaluate their windows for new treatments, thoughts of drapes and vertical blinds enter their minds. From horizontal blinds to traditional shutters, any window covering provides functionality to a room. Closing off a bright day to watch a movie or simply going to bed with privacy in mind is the job of any window covering. You’ll find privacy and even energy efficiency in select window coverings.

Privacy Please

As today’s cities become more compact and crowded, you may find yourself staring into someone’s living room or bedroom as you look out the window. Adding drapes and blinds to the windows helps you control privacy concerns while still allowing some light into the space. You don’t want to completely close off your windows during the day. Privacy is also important for young children as they play in rooms. Giving them enough light with little ways to see into the room keeps your whole family safe from intruders.

Keeping Cool

That hot summer sun seems to penetrate open windows, creating a hot interior ripe for expensive air conditioning. Closing window treatments during the hottest part of the afternoon reduces the interior temperature considerably. You won’t have to run the air conditioning incessantly, saving countless dollars in warm regions. Adding fans to the home also builds a wind chill perfect for comfortable relaxing with shaded windows.

Warming the Interior

In contrast, winter’s chill forces you to turn on the heater. Take advantage of the low-lying sun angle to let the light indoors for warming. Place a sheer curtain on the window to provide some privacy while allowing ample light to spread into the home. You’ll find the warming factor to be significant, especially on south-facing windows. Even allow the sunrise and sunset light into the home for even more warming.
Neat Appearance

Wide open windows with no decorative treatments often look like large holes in the building. They leave a cold and unattractive appearance to the home, from the outside to inside. Adding any treatments to the windows softens their sharp lines. Even shutters attached outside as weather-protectors give the home a more comfortable look. An interior designer can always give you some suggestions for your home if there’s a question about style and functionality.
Easy Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, most window coverings are easy to clean. Drapes and curtains fit neatly into washing machines. Blinds and shutters are wiped down with cleaning agents periodically. You simply need to keep up with their maintenance. Take the treatments down periodically to completely clean the fasteners. Coverings in the kitchen are often dirtier than ones in the living room, for example. Consistent cleaning keeps all treatments looking spectacular.

Any window covering style simply needs to be measured and designed directly for your home. Most homes are constructed with standard window measurements, making a treatment installation relatively fast and affordable. Think of your family’s privacy and energy consumption when choosing treatments. You’ll save significant money over the years with the right coverage.

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