Interactive Packaging Technology And Brand Message.

The world is effectively mainstreaming technology and thus becoming increasingly virtual. These two factors alone will affect the trajectory of retail. At the same time, it will have a great impact on the future of product packaging.

In the near future, retail packaging  will take on a new role. This involves adjusting to a time when shopping experiences, currency and space are dramatically improved from today’s paradigm. Packaging in the future will be considered a form of media. This is because of the potential and engagement that come with dynamic brand touch points.

Future Ideas for Retail Packaging

Important Developments

Packaging has become an integral part of branding and products. It is often the difference between gaining and losing customers. Due to this, retailers and brands are focusing efforts on creating unique packaging solutions. They are not alone. Material suppliers, packaging companies and many industries outside of packaging are creating an arsenal of state of the art technologies. These technologies are aimed at providing customers with packaging benefits to win them over.

One Common Goal

Interactive retail packaging in the future will have only one goal. That goal is to convey the brand’s message. This is done with shapes or graphics to grab the customer’s attention. Package appearance alone can influence the customer’s purchase decision.

Research has also shown that it only takes five seconds for a consumer to make a purchase decision. This is the reason companies and packaging manufacturers are coming out with shiny or metallic effects on their packaging. At the same time, they are using clear packaging to highlight the merchandise. Additionally, the packaging must have unique finish or material to convey feelings. This will also make merchandise more unique on the retail shelf.

Interactive Packaging Technology And Brand Message.The Effects

Ecologic bottle retail packaging is a good example of interactivity. The way it is packaged along with its look and materials makes the product stand out from its competitors.

Away with the Confusion

Today, there are a lot of distractions found on the retail shelf. This is the reason interactive retail packaging for the future should minimize graphic content. This is to help eliminate the confusion. Research also has shown that customers cannot focus on the package if its graphics are too confusing.

Studies have also shown increased sales when customers can identify both the product and the brand. This is done by creating clean and improved graphics.

Imagine attending a wedding  where the bridesmaids are wearing white dresses while the groomsmen are suited up in black. The guests will scan the party in order to find the real groom and bride. This is the same thing that is happening with busy graphics. Extra scanning is required to find that much needed information. This leads to frustration and ultimately purchasing the next piece of merchandise on the shelf.

Unexpected Innovations

Other innovative and unexpected interactive graphic design also utilizes the merchandise in their graphics. For example, Block Spring Water incorporates alkaline water, electrolytes and fulvic trace materials in a sugar-free and black beverage. Their graphics utilise the black product to convey branding messages when it is consumed. This provides fun, unexpected and clever interactions.


Repeat purchases are very important to increase profits. However, repeat sales can be lost if the product packaging is frustrating and confusing.

It is very important that companies build benefits to reverse this. Easy opening features that include recloseable zippers or liner tear technology can help. It must also be placed in flexible packaging to make it stand out. This is because one-handed dispensing is very high in demand. At the same time, ergonomic designs that are easy to dispense and carry are very important as well.

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