Importance of Auto Insurance While Travelling in Mexico

Why do we need Auto insurance?

            Auto insurance applies to all kinds of vehicles namely cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and all other road vehicles for financial protection in case of any accidents, damage to the vehicle or bodily loss etc. Auto insurance or vehicle insurance is very much needed to protect ourselves as well as our vehicles in case of any untoward incident. That way, the financial loss can be compensated by applying for the claim and getting the settlement as well. There are many companies in the USA who offer different insurance packages for different type of vehicles.


The Mexican Insurance company:

            The Mexican Insurance Company was started in 1951 by Mr. Oscar Padilla who was born and raised in the border city of Calexico, California, USA. He was employed in the US army during the World War 2 and from then onwards, service to mankind has been his motto of life throughout. Hence with this motto in mind, he started the Mexican Insurance Company in the same city, Calexico, with the idea of selling insurance packages to the motorists who cross over to the neighbouring country Mexico and come back. For all the details about this company, the various insurance packages available and to get a quote online or to calculate the premium and know your rates, how to become an agent, the dos and don’ts etc., In Mexico, the vehicle insurance is not made a must and hence for a person who travels from USA to Mexico and want to come back can purchase the Mexican Insurance for a short term to protect the vehicle as well as for financial security.

Benefits of Mexican Insurance:

            Mexican Insurance helps to cover Collision, Upset, and Glass Breakage, Fire and Total Theft, Property Damage Liability, Bodily Injury Liability, Medical Expensesand including Legal Service and Bail Bond in case of any accident or injury. It is always better to purchase the Mexican Insurance prior to crossing over to Mexico by mentioning the exact travel dates, duration of stay, driver details, and other personal details for records that might be helpful for a claim or a settlement. The person who is crossing over must carry with himself all the necessary documents such as vehicle registration, valid driver’s license, insurance papers and valid travel documents. In case of claims the company will pay the insured in US dollars after getting it from the other company.

To sum up:

            As mentioned above, a vehicle insurance is very much needed for a person who wants to cross over to Mexico from USA by road and must possess all valid travel related, insurance related as well as vehicle-related documents at all times with him. For more information on the Mexican Insurance Company, Calexico, California, USA, please visit the website The driver can safely drive down to Mexico and come back if he is properly insured and the vehicle as he can rest assured of the financial security as well as the cover for his life during his travel and return or vice-versa.

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