Identifying Mental Health Problems in Your Behavior

Identifying your emotions and feelings is never an easy task. Oftentimes people discount what they are going through. It is important to always be aware of your mental health. No feeling or issue is too small. Staying educated on what to look for in your behavior will help you to identify any potential problems.

The following are important symptoms to look for in your behavior with ways to treat potential mental health issues like anxiety and depression.


There are a few important symptoms that you want to be considering when checking on your mental health. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America there are key symptoms such as being persistently sad or feeling “empty”.

Are you losing interest in everyday activities that you once found pleasure in? Everything from losing interest in your favorite hobbies to having a decreased sex drive is important symptoms to consider.

Feeling an overall sense of hopelessness or pessimism, having difficulty concentrating, remembering, and making decisions all contribute to symptoms of anxiety and depression as well.

Mental Health

Another important way to check for symptoms is think of the opposite ends of spectrums. These include things like over sleeping versus insomnia or weight loss versus weight gain. If you start to feel any of these extremes on a consistent basis you may be having issues with your metal health

Anxiety is a mental disorder that can be difficult to identify. Oftentimes people will think they just have normal anxiety and will discount their symptoms. It is important to remember that the difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder are different.

When your emotions are causing more suffering than normal and dysfunction in your every day life it is time to start realizing your anxiety is not normal. Irrational fears are also prevalent symptoms in anxiety disorders. These fears or phobias can be crippling and take over your life.

Symptoms can also be physical. These are harder to identify because they are not often associated with mental health disorders. The most common types of physical symptoms are digestive issues, muscle tension, and frequent and painful headaches.


Recognizing that you have these symptoms is the first step in the process. Once you have acknowledged these feelings, consider getting help. It is important to remember that whatever issues or negative feelings you are having are normal. Seeking help and talking to a professional is an important step in feeling better and returning to your best self.

Seeking Help

There are a variety of ways to seek help. You can find a therapist who wants to help you through online directories like TherapyTribe. You can find a local therapist in your neighborhood, making it easier for you to fit therapy into your schedule. This unique therapist directory also provides a variety of resources about therapy topics and therapists blogs.

It is important to use these resources available to you to become your healthiest self.

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