How To Successfully Juggle Education And Work.

In today’s economy, it is not uncommon to for people to have multiple jobs to make ends meet. Whether the job is part-time or full-time, the strain that working can put on your brain and body is huge. Having to work and study at the same time is an even bigger nightmare, but it is necessary for some. The strain that this puts on your body is temporary, but the qualification and the appeal you will have to employers will last a lifetime.

Many institutions, online and otherwise, allow students to pay off their fees in monthly installments, allowing more students to enter these institutions. Some people choose this study-work option as a way to change careers, while others choose to advance their existing careers. Whatever the reason, the task is not easy and requires a very focused, disciplined, and determined mind

These tips will help you manage your study-work frustrations.

Support is vital

Once you have decided that you want to study online, and you want to do it while working, you will need bucket loads of support from your friends, family, and colleagues. If you have kids, you need to inform them that they will have to share your time. Inform them that your education doesn’t mean that you won’t be there for them, just that you will sometimes need some time off. The same applies to your spouse and extended family and friends. The reality of the situation is that once you’re enrolled for study, your time is very precious. Also inform your boss and colleagues of your studies to avoid them giving you extra, sometimes unnecessary, tasks.

Getting support from your loved ones means that you will be able to divide your time accordingly without feeling guilty that you are ignoring them, and should make sure that you get their help when you need it.

Throw your pride out the window

When you work and study at the same time, you don’t have time to be proud. If you are experiencing any problems it is important to ask for help. It is, therefore, important to familiarize yourself with the support facilities available at your institution. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you are stuck and have no clue where to go to ask for help. Find out before you begin your course about all the resources available. Institutions usually offer tutors and tutorial sessions, and most lecturers are always on hand to help students. This will save you valuable time and make your work a lot easier.

Create a timetable

Timetables don’t work for everyone, but most people find that they work wonders. Creating a timetable or list of all the tasks you need to get done can help you properly allocate time to different tasks. When determining your schedule, it is important to make time to relax. An hour to listen to music, read a book, take a walk, exercise, or cook a healthy meal will not do you any harm.

How Easy is it to Work and Study Online at the Same Time?Consider your work load

As much as you may want to finish your chosen degree as soon as possible, you also have to consider the workload and time constraints that come with taking on too much at once. Consider reducing the number of courses you take per semester to reduce the workload. This will also give you sufficient time to completely focus on the subjects you have chosen.

The decision to study while working shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it comes with many challenges. But, if you’re patient and plan your time properly, it can definitely be done.




Zimasa Mpemnyama recently graduated from university, so she knows how challenging studying full-time can be. Add a full work day to the mix and the challenges are compounded, but with the right mindset they can be managed. 

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