How To Style Your Hair To Suit Your Face Shape.

It is easy to become bored with your hairstyle, especially if you feel like you have had it forever. However, it can also be too terrifying to try out a new style for fear that it really won’t suit you.

Firstly, you will never know unless you try and secondly there are some handy tips below which will hopefully stop you making any truly bad hair decisions.

How To Style Your Hair To Suit Your Face Shape2

For those with a square face

If you think that you have a square face, compare it to celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore, both of whom are square-shaped. If like them, you have a strong and somewhat angular jaw then you need to get a haircut that takes attention away from your jaw. Hairstyles, both short and long suit this face type. Choose those that incorporate a lot of curls, or that are extremely choppy as these add a lot of texture and complement the square face shape perfectly.

For those with a long face

In general, most hairdressers would state that long hair on a long face doesn’t look the best. However Both Liv Tyler and Elle Macpherson have long face shapes and both get away with having a long hairstyle. If you also have a long face shape and want long hair, then you just need to take care about how much you highlight the length of your face.

For instance you hardly ever see Liv Tyler with dead straight hair and a centre parting, as this would just highlight the length of her face. Instead she adds a side swept parting, curls or a choppy cut which just works. Elle Macpherson is the same; she always adds flicks and curls into her hairstyles to make sure that the bounce of her hair balances out the length of her face.

For those with a heart-shaped face

Most women who have a heart-shaped face will have a somewhat pointy chin, just like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Christina Ricci. If your face is shaped like a heart then you have the task of drawing attention to your eyes or your cheekbones instead of your chin.
Wearing a fringe, as Reese Witherspoon has many times, draws attention to the eyes perfectly, whereas wearing a straight, perfectly cut bob would instead draw focus to the chin. Side swept fringes also look really good on this shape.

Whether you have long or short hair, try to add curls or layers into the cut to add volume and texture, as this will complement the face better than clear and defined cut lines.

For those with an oval face

Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigl are both perfect examples of women with an oval face shape. Those with this shape will generally have a forehead and chin that are the same width. Although this is said to be the most versatile face shape for haircuts, you need to be careful not to add too much hair onto your actual face, as this could lead to your face looking chubbier then it really is.

Both Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigl are advocates of the side swept fringe and this is definitely a look that suits the oval face shape. Both have also shown that oval face shapes can suit dead straight hair with a centre or side parting, as well as curly layered hair and short bobs. This goes to show that this face shape truly is versatile.

How to find out what face shape you have

A lot of people are unaware of what their face shape naturally is, so if this is you, you probably don’t need to worry. People who have very angular or strong features tend to know when they do and can therefore recognise their face shape. If you don’t know yours, then you probably don’t need to ‘tone’ down anything on your face through a hairstyle.

If you are still keen to know your face shape though, follow these simple steps:

  • Slick your hair straight back and look in a mirror. Make sure you can see your entire hairline.
  • Get some eyeliner, a lipstick or a water based marker pen and using the mirror to draw on, draw an outline of your face.
  • Once your drawing is complete, take a step back and have look at the shape you have drawn.

The shape of your face should now be pretty obvious.


Laura blogs for Supercuts hair salons. When she isn’t blogging about the latest hair tips and trends, she’s at her local gym or walking her dog, Cheese to the local park.

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