How To Spot A Sexual Predator.

Sexual abuse has been and continues to be a rampant problem among society. In many developing countries, sexual assault is one of the most prevalent crimes against humanity. In war-torn countries such as the Congo, rape is commonly touted as a “weapon of war.” History has shown repeated instances of mass rape in periods of warfare across the globe.

In many countries, women and children live in fear of a society that treats them as subhuman.

Rape cases are also heinously under-reported.

How To Spot A Sexual PredatorIn the U.S. a staggering 54% of rapes are never reported. In other parts of the world, this number is even lower. Countless victims go on without a voice to fight for them. Women are viewed as objects to be owned and dominated, and this view isn’t only relegated to underdeveloped areas.

Evil is Everywhere

While culture and rights have changed significantly in the west, rape is still an ongoing concern. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to blame the victim in situations of sexual assault. If the woman was wearing a short skirt, was inebriated, or was walking alone after dark, it’s unfairly deemed “her fault.” Instead of this excuse-driven viewpoint, the media should work harder to vilify rape as a behavior that is simply unacceptable. The safety of a woman walking along the street has a lot to do with how a culture recognizes the rights and status of women everywhere, and it may be generations before both sexes are truly viewed as equal.

Of course, rape is not only a man’s crime. There are female predators, albeit in significantly lower numbers. Female sex offenders typically prey on children, and as with men it can be difficult to weed them out from other members of society.

One of the worst situations you could find yourself in would be getting involved with a rapist without even knowing it! Your “Mr. Right” could actually turn out to be “Mr. WRONG!” Below are a few things to look out for that may just save your life.

Stalking Online

If you’ve ever felt a bit uneasy about your beau, you should consider where you met him. Approximately 25% of sex offenders peruse the web for victims. Putting your yourself on display at a dating site may seem like a convenient way to meet a potential mate that shares your interests, but it can actually create a dangerous situation. It’s easy for a person to tell you what they think you want to hear. If your online profile contains information about you such as your interests, hobbies and career goals, it’s quite simple for a predator to read that and lie. If you met your partner online, it’s a good idea to go look over things they’ve chatted about in the past. Sometimes you can easily tell if a person is just hanging on to your words and appropriating information from your own life.

Sex Offender Database

One of the greatest tools the public has at their disposal are sex offender databases. In the US, you can actually find one specific to your state and often your city or county. It will detail locations where convicted sex offenders live. If your new friend has ever been convicted of a sex crime, you should be able to find them. However, because it’s so difficult to find and prosecute sex offenders, many of them slip through the cracks of the system. If your lover is trying to hide a shady past, he’ll likely take many steps to hide it.

Monitor Interests

If you’re suspicious, keep a lookout for his or her interests. If you’ve been dating this person for a while, consider their preoccupation with sex. While it can be completely normal, an obsession with sex may be a clue to something more sinister. Child predators often keep a bevy of sordid material on their computers. Check his search history for anything particularly out-of-order.

Avoid Date Rape

One of the most dangerous situations for a young woman involves being drugged and forced into a submissive state. When you’re going out to a bar, never accept open drinks, even if the person is being very nice. If you didn’t see the drink being poured, you can’t know what’s in it. If your date seems preoccupied with shoveling beverages down your throat, take this as a red flag. If he seems to have a problem accepting boundaries, this is another signal of possible danger. Most importantly, you should never agree to go to someone’s house on the first date. This can put you into a very vulnerable position where escape may be impossible.

If you keep your wits about you and practice caution, you can avoid scary situations and perhaps even save someone else in the process.



Jessica Ruane is a blogger for Instant Checkmate, a criminal background check company that lets you discover the possible criminal history of the person you’re dating. 

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