How To Shed Unwanted Pounds From Your Stomach And Thighs.

The stomach and thighs are oftentimes considered the ‘problem’ areas for individuals looking to lose weight. You can spend countless hours sweating away in the gym while noticing little-to-no change here. What’s even more depressing is that weight seems to come off more easily in the areas surrounding the stomach and thighs, creating an even figure.

If you’re struggling to shed those unwanted pounds from your midsection and thighs, keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks.

We’re going to explain what works and doesn’t work.

How To Shed Unwanted Pounds From Your Stomach And Thighs.Spot Training Does Not Work

It’s a common misconception that certain workouts target the stomach and thighs. Individuals trying to lose weight in their stomach may perform anywhere from 50-200 crunches a day, hoping that it will burn their unwanted fat while creating a well-defined 6-pack abs. The truth, however, is that spot training doesn’t work, and focusing your fitness regime around specific exercises like crunches will typically do more harm than good.

Does this mean you should omit crunches, situps, leg raises and other so-called ‘core’ exercises from your daily fitness regime? Absolutely not, but you should be aware of their overall effectiveness. Mix these core exercises together with both cardio and strength training exercises for maximum weight loss results.

Increase Your Cardio

Rather than relying on spot training to lose weight in your stomach and thighs, you should focus on cardio. If you’re only jogging or running 2 days a week, perhaps you can bump it up to 3 or even 4 times a week. Cardio is the secret to losing weight in the stomach and thighs. By forcing your heat and lungs to work in overdrive, you’ll burn a greater amount of calories with less work.

Of course, you don’t have to limit your cardio only to jogging and running; some other forms of cardio include biking, tennis, basketball, swimming, jumproping, dancing, and using the elliptical. If you grow tired of a particular type of cardio exercise, try switching to something else.

Avoid Sodium and Saturated Fats

Two of the worst dietary ingredients that are known to encourage weight gain in the stomach and thighs are sodium and saturated fat. Sodium actually forces the body to retain water, and consuming too much of it in your daily diet will gradually build up water in places like the stomach and thighs. Saturated fat is as bad since it clogs the arteries while directly adding fat to your body.

You can’t expect to lose weight from your stomach and thighs if you’re eating highly processed food that’s loaded in saturated fat and sodium. To successfully lose those unwanted pounds, you must kick this unhealthy habit and opt for more natural and nutritious foods. Stick with lead meats, fresh vegetables and whole grains. Also, don’t be afraid to consult with a registered dietician if you’re having trouble with your diet. They have the tools and experience necessary to create a custom plan based on your specific needs.





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