How To Lose Weight With Reflexology: Foot Reflexology Map

Reflexology is applying pressure to parts of the body to heal illness. It is a practice that has withstood the test of time and finding popularity in today’s modern world. Different from the medicinal use of massage, reflexology can address more than muscle tension.

There is a variety of treatments for people struggling with their weight, although different approaches will benefit different people. Reflexology is an alternative to patients interested in a gentler approach.

Try these simple techniques for an easy and enjoyable way to a healthier weight.

 Reflexology foot chart

A map of the diverse zones in your feet shows intricate patterns. Each zone is connected to your various bodily systems. When you apply pressure, you’re sending signals to these systems.

Massage your toes using one or both hands. Start with the big toe of one foot. Grab the toe and rub in small circular motions. Repeat with other toes. The entire massage takes about 2 minutes. Repeat every day.

You can also rub your feet together. Sit in a nearly lotus position, which is on your bottom, with your legs bent and flat on the ground. With your feet lifted a few inches off the ground, press them firmly against each other. If necessary, use your hands to increase pressure. Or, support your body weight using your hands behind your body. If possible, rub your feet while you simultaneously rub your palms together. Perform this back-and-forth motion about 20 times a day.

Stamping your feet against the ground is also part of the routine. Don’t do it too hard, as you risk injuring yourself and putting unnecessary wear and tear on the legs. Repeat about 100 times for each leg.

 Moving up from the feet

Lie on your back and perform bicycle kicks. The action is similar to your legs as you ride a bike. The exercises last about 2 minutes. The point is to increase circulation as well as converting fat into energy for the kick.

Typically, a reflexologist will locate the specific zones to target, he can also give you a Custom Orthotics treatment. They would subsequently massage or apply pressure to that specific area. Instead, you can opt for a general massage technique. There is footwear with small, soft and protruding nubs. When you step down or rest your feet in the shoes, you are giving a gentle massage to the bottoms of your feet. The shoes are not always appropriate for professional or social settings, and are better to summer weather or home use. Alternatively, there are insoles that can be purchased. The can be placed in shoes that have a bit of room to spare. Because it’s not always possible to remove your shoes and socks to perform the above exercises, the in sole is a good choice for daily use in busy lives.

If wearing the insoles or shoes is not an option, there is immense benefit from walking barefoot on its own. Being barefoot stimulates different parts of your feet and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

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