How To Know If You Are Being Emotionally Abused.

When you hear the terms “assault and battery”, you’ll probably think of physical abuse or domestic violence right away. There are, however, many forms of abuse, and some types are more obvious than others. For instance, it will be easier to tell that a person is being physically abused because he will show bruises, cuts, or difficulties, such as limping.

On the other hand, certain types of abuse do not have physical manifestations. The abuse is mental and emotional, and oftentimes, the maltreatment leads to psychological problems that affect a victim’s quality of life and coping abilities.

How to Revitalize Your Emotional Battery

Have you ever complained to your partner or friends about needing to recharge because you felt emotionally drained? Well, this is actually a legitimate complaint. Like you, each person needs emotional stability, and you gain it through the love and support that your family and friends provide. With emotional support from the people you love, you’ll be able to cope better with every day stress or even very difficult challenges. So, the constant support from your peers and the continuous love from your family and partner will fuel you and will make you a stronger person.

Emotional Abuse – Draining the Mind and the Emotions


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What happens to someone who is being emotionally abused? Actually, for someone who is being abused emotionally, telling when the abuse started can be hard to determine. Why? It’s because the abuse usually happens slowly, and the victim is often led to believe that it’s part of the relationship. Here’s an example. Joe and Jane just got married after a whirlwind romance. A month or two into their marriage, Joe began to yell and scream at Jane because of little mistakes, like why the pot roast was cold or why his shirt was not ironed properly. Jane was first surprised about her husband’s violent reactions to what she believed were quite inconsequential mistakes. When Jane feels bad, Joe would woo her and then explain to her that he yelled because she made him angry and frustrated.

It is actually very common for an abuser to point out that the cause of his anger is the victim. “You can’t blame me,” he’ll say. “It’s all your fault for not paying attention to what you’re doing.” But then, he’ll become romantic and nice, and the victim will once again accept him. This, however, is a vicious cycle, and one that can easily spiral out of control as each episode becomes more frequent. The emotional abuse can also turn into physical abuse.

Signs to Look Out For

A person who has a tendency to become emotionally abusive will typically exhibit the following characteristics:

– Yelling and Screaming

The abuser will yell and scream even in public, especially if the abuse has been going on for quite a while. It is also common for the abuser to humiliate the victim because doing so makes him feel more superior.

– Stalking

A person who abuses another typically finds it hard to trust other people, even his partner. So, he could resort to stalking.

– Harassing

Harassment can happen even while the abused is living with the abuser or even after the abused has left the abuser. The abuser will hound the victim and the victim’s friends and family as well.

– Threatening

Abusers often say things that will make their victims afraid of them. It is also common for an abuser to threaten not just the victim, but also the victim’s loved ones. There are also times when threats are carried out, and it could result in physical abuse, injury, or sometimes death.



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