How To Keep Your Kid’s Teeth From Turning Green.

Green is a wonderful color, and with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter spring coming soon to round out the holiday season, it’s only going to get more fashionable.

The only problem with St. Patrick’s Day is that this is just about the time when your kids are polishing off the last of their Halloween and Christmas candy in preparation for their Easter haul. Now, you might think that the only way you’re going to have a problem with green teeth is if you’re irresponsible enough as a parent to give them that holiday themed beer you’ve heard so much about, but you’d be shocked at what a number all this holiday sugar indulgence has been doing on your tiny charge’s teeth.

How To Keep Your Kid's Teeth From Turning Green.

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You might have a legitimate excuse for temporarily green teeth this upcoming holiday, but he shouldn’t. Which is why you should always…

Practice Good Hygiene

This is important for both of you, both because you should serve as an example of what responsible hygiene and dental care looks like, and because you don’t really want to develop permanent off-color teeth either.

Of course you’ve heard before that you should have your kids brush twice and floss once a day just like you should, but it’s possible that you’ve never given much thought to when or how you should be teaching this good habit. One of the best possible ways (that will also help you keep up on your own good habits) is just to make sure that whenever you brush your teeth or floss, the two of you do it together.

Reduce the Candy Intake

With any luck, this one takes care of itself when they finally run out of their stockpile (every kid has a stockpile, no need to worry).

If the problem is that they keep getting candy, you can always restrict any allowance you give them to only be used on certain things that you approve (followed by “forgetting” to put candy on the list of approved purchases).

Or, you can follow one of the most tried-and-true methods of all: encouraging them to eat all of their candy in one sitting as soon as it comes into their position. Not only will they run out of candy really fast, the hope is that they’ll be so sick of the stuff afterwards that they won’t want to touch it again, at least for a little while.

Keep Visiting the Dentist Often

If the problem here is that you can’t find a suitable dentist that doesn’t make your children run screaming when mentioned, you can try a pediatric dentist. What is a pediatric dentist, you may say? Basically, it’s a less scary version of what you have. This is the kind that is totally okay with dressing up as a superhero to freak kids out less, which is something your dentist will never do (no matter how awesome that would be).

Plus, as a dentist, a pediatric dentist is still going to be an expert in keeping teeth not-green. So there’s that.

Don’t Give Them Green Beer

I hope this is common sense, but you never know.



By Lilia Otori has been writing on topics important to parents for nearly a decade now. She enjoys incorporating factual information with more imaginative things in her writing, and doesn’t think you would actually give your kids beer, green or otherwise. 

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