How To: Intervention.

An intervention is an attempt by a person or persons that want to help an individual to seek professional help. An intervention is usually held for someone who is dealing with a substance abuse addiction and can even be used for one dealing with an eating disorder.

Interventions can be difficult because of the emotional strain and anxiety it can cause for everyone involved, but it can be the first step toward saving one’s life.

Learn how to setup and host an intervention for someone that is struggling with an addiction.If you know of someone who you believe could benefit from an intervention then here are some steps that you can take to make sure it goes smoothly so that they can get the help they need.

Step 1: Organize

Your first step is to organize a group of friends and family members of the one that you want to hold the intervention for. It’s very important that you choose the right people. You don’t want anyone in the group that is going to overreact and make the center of the intervention even more uncomfortable than they already are. This is a delicate process

Step 2: Plan

Once you have chosen the attendees for the intervention the next step is to orchestrate a play-by-play so the operation runs smoothly. You should have someone who is leading the intervention and directing it for the sake of order.

If you are the planner of the intervention then you should consider such things like, who will be speaking first, how to get the person there and how to plan should that person become upset and lose their temper. Plan out each scenario and have solutions for each.

Step 3: Support

It’s important that you let the individual know that they are loved and cared about during the intervention. People tend to feel shamed during an intervention because they are being confronted about how they have hurt people and how they are hurting themselves. Make it known that you and everyone else is there because of love and the desire to help.

Step 4: Solutions

Once the intervention has taken place there should be solutions brought to the table for the individual. It’s one thing for one the intervention to take place and for everything to be out in the open, but if there are no real solutions brought then this can leave a hopeless feeling. This is not how you want an intervention to end. Before the intervention takes place you should find out what solutions you think would be best for the individual. Check with rehabilitation clinics and see what openings are available. A rehab clinic might be the solution, but maybe all the person needs is to attend a support group or individual counseling. You should put a lot of thought into figuring out some solutions.

Remember, all rehab clinics are different and certain rules and laws apply differently to each according to the state they are located in. So take in mind that a rehab clinic in kansas city will operate differently than a rehab in Orange County.

Like I said above, an intervention is just the first step for one getting the help they need, but it is an important one. An intervention that is well planned and executed can lead to positive results and a changed life.






By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a business owner from Texas who works a lot with companies as a marketing consultant. Henry is also a veteran and a father. Connect with Henry on Google+.

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