How To Identify Your Body Fat Level.

The percentage of fat in the body is referred to as a person’s body fat. Every person have essential body fat and storage body fat. The percentage of fat in the body can be calculated in many ways. There are a variety of scientific methods that can be used to calculate body fat percentage.

However, this can easily be done by anyone who has a scale and a basic calculator.

How To Identify Your Body Fat Level.

Body Fat Percentile Ranges

Men and women both have body fat percentile ranges based on various factors. This includes a person’s age, heredity, body type, gender, and activity. Women will typically have body fat percentages that are higher than men. One important aspect to know about body fat percentage is the level that indicates being overweight. Men who are between the ages of 20 and 40 are overweight if they are at a 19 to 25 percent level of body fat. Any women between this age group are considered overweight when their body fat level is at 33 to 39 percent.

Weigh Yourself

This may seem like a simple task, but body weight needs to be as accurate as possible. The best way to obtain proper body weight is to purchase a suitable scale. Scales often vary with the actual weight of a person. Another factor that affects a person’s weight is the time of day weight is taken. The best way to obtain average body weight is to use the same scale. Weight should be taken for a few days for about a week.

Body Mass Index

Calculating body mass index can be done using two methods. There are many apps found online or are available for smartphones and tablets. A person’s BMI can also be calculated manually. This is done by using an average weight, such as 175 pounds, and your weight in inches. The first thing to do is to multiply your height by itself. If a person is 72 inches tall, then this will be 5184. Divide your weight by 5184 and then multiply by 703. The body mass index will be 23.73.

Body Fat Percentage

Measurements of the skin and using bio-electrical tests are used to calculate body fat percentage based on formulas that are gender based. However, these are typically not available for people at home or are not able to have these tests performed. A basic formula can be used to calculate body fat percentage of men and women. The first part is to multiply body mass index by a factor of 1.20. The second part is to multiply age by a factor of 0.23. The result will then be subtracted by 5.4 for women and 16.2 for men. Men who are 30 years old with a body mass index of 23.73 have a body fat percentage of 19.17.

Compare the body fat percentage to the body fat percentile ranges for men and women between 20 and 40 years of age. A body fat level of 19.17 will mean a 30-year-old man who is a six-foot tall and weighs 175 pounds is on the low-end of being overweight.






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