How To Handle Large Numbers Of Customers.

If you run a commercial business or are putting together some kind of commercial event, then you will no doubt think of high footfall as a good thing. If you have a good business model in place then you should have a way to earn profit from each visitor (and possibly even as soon as they sign up) and this will mean that bigger numbers equal more cash for your company.

However there is still such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’ and if the number of customers greatly exceeds your capacity to handle them, then you could end up losing out on a lot of profit and even damaging your reputation. How could lots of customers be a bad thing you ask? Well think lack of resources, poor service and potential health and safety risks… Let’s take a look at how to prepare for the possibility of BIG numbers so that you can revel in this success rather than be crushed under the weight of it…

How To Handle Large Numbers Of Customers.Dealing With Traffic

The first thing to think about is how you are going to organize parking and you should aim to make sure there are enough spaces for a high number of customers should you get them. At the same time though, you also need to think about how you are going to manage all that traffic and keep everyone safe at the same time.

One way to do this is with valet parking. Valet parking is not just for convenience and quality of service, it is also for efficiency. By getting trained staff to park cars and to communicate with one another and by ensuring those members of staff have access to every set of keys; it’s possible to make better use of the space using systems like ‘stack parking’. Here the cars would be parked nose-to-nose with only a small gangway, but this isn’t a problem as the valets can move cars out the way as new ones are needed. It’s also important of course to control entry and exit which you can do with help from a traffic safety company or by investing in signs and cones.

Dealing With Human Traffic

With regards to human traffic you need to think about how you are going to lay out your interiors. What’s particularly important here is to provide large traffic lanes and isles so that you can have two or more rows of customers moving around without getting in each other’s way. If your business provides trolleys then this is something even more important to consider – make sure those alleys are wide!

Staff and Supplies

Also important is to manage your staff and supplies so that they are always to hand when needed and able to handle the large numbers of customers. Keeping some supplies back at first is a good strategy to avoid everything being used up first, while it can help to give your staff definitely roles to avoid confusion. If you can invest in self-service machines this is even better as it will enable your staff to handle other matters and increase your turnover.



Kevin Taylor is a renowned businessman. In this post he has shared some tips to organise a successful event and earn profit out of it.

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