How To Boost Your Confidence And Get Rid Of Low Self Esteem.

Low confidence and self-esteem is an increasingly common issue in our world today.  All sorts of stresses that we have in our lives often accumulate inside our heads and can often result in lack of self-confidence.  Without this self-confidence our problems seem worse to us, and our lives become more and more challenging. Getting through most situations, even relatively simple ones can be tough.

Low self-esteem can manifest itself inside our heads and come out in various symptoms such as; social withdrawal, anxiety, eating disorders, inability to accept compliments, inability to be fair to yourself, accentuating the negative, over-concern on the opinions of others, self neglect, reluctance to take on new things, and reluctance to form your own opinion.

How does Low Self Esteem Develop?

A lot (although not all) of low self-esteem cases have roots in the person’s childhood, and can be the results of neglect, abuse, being on the receiving end of other people’s stress or lack of attention.  Our opinions of ourselves are usually made up of what feedback we receive from other people, and this is usually is begun during childhood.  But it is not always from childhood that these problems can appear, they can also present themselves after a particularly stressful incident such as divorce, a crisis, illness or bereavement.

It is possible to change these opinions but it is a very difficult process-this is something we have known pretty much all of our lives-like trying to relearn how to brush our teeth.

How To Boost Your Confidence And Get Rid Of Low Self Esteem.The obvious way to cure ourselves of low self-confidence or esteem is by trying to change our internal opinions of ourselves, and really and truly until these opinions are changed, our low self-esteem issues can never be resolved.

How can you improve your Confidence?

There are various techniques and treatments which are available for those wanting to build their self-confidence.  Some of which can be done on your own, and others using therapists.  As with many `treatments’ usually the best is a mixture of the two. `Self-help’ techniques include trying not to compare yourself to others, look people in the eye, trying to compliment others and faking confidence.

Unfortunately, self-help isn’t going to be able help everybody-some people will need more help, and it is often recommended that they seek psychotherapy.  This can come in the form of counseling, whereby a client will talk through situations with a counselor.  The trusted relationship between a counselor and their client is paramount and main role of the counselor is just to listen, although they also will try to change the client`s thoughts and self opinions through suggestion.

Another possible treatment is life coaching.  Life coaches use a variety of psychological and social techniques to try to help their clients.  Life coaches often teach techniques for developing self belief and confidence.

Confidence building hypnotherapy is another form of treatment.  The client is put into a hypnotic state and the therapist then works at changing the issues within the client`s mind.  When we are hypnotized our minds are more open to suggestion and therefore the therapist can work at changing the information that is kept in there.






Beth Stubbing works for Fix My Mind, who provide hypnotherapy for confidence. She thinks that it is incredibly important to work to improve your self-esteem to fully enjoy life and become a success in whatever you do.

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