How Technology Can Help You Lose Weight.

It is easy to blame technology on the trend for obesity in our culture. After all, many kids are no longer playing outside because they are parked out on the living room couch playing video games–and the same is true for college students and adults alike. Our televisions give us an excuse to sit on the sofa for hours each night, while our cars keep us from walking to and from work and play each day. But are there ways that technology can actually help us achieve healthier weights?

With the growing need for weight-loss strategies and our growing dependence on technology, the two have come together in many helpful formats. We explore just a sampling of the many ways that you can lose some weight with the help of technology.

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike has been a leader in athletic gear and weight-loss inspiration for decades. Their revolutionary Nike+ community brought many runners together with new technology that synced their shoes with iPod devices. This technology has evolved into the efficient and user-friendly Nike+ Fuel Band. This wristband keeps track of your daily activity, which can then be synced to your Smartphone. You can share your progress via social media for added encouragement on your fitness milestones, or meet up with old friends and make new ones on the online Nike+ community.


This helpful (and free) app is available for Apple, Android, and Blackberry users. It links you to a global community of fitness enthusiasts and shares your progress on the web. Endomondo uses Google Maps to track your workout routes, compare your workouts, and observe your milestones. It is the perfect way to stay motivated if you are a hiker, biker, runner, or walker.

How Technology Can Help You Lose Weight.Wii Fit Plus

This next-generation Wii Fit technology is perfect for all ages. It works well for anyone who wants to stay active, whether he or she is a child, athletic teen, or senior citizen. One benefit of the Wii Fit Plus is that it allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home, which can be a big plus to those who are too self-conscious or out of practice to feel up to facing the gym. The Wii Fit Plus works because it combines the fun of competitive games, like skiing, tennis, or boxing, with workout routines. You can dance with Zumba programs or work on your balance with Yoga exercises. Since this system tracks your progress through body weight and lets you know if you are off-balance while trying out a new routine, it is a perfect choice for those who are new to working out.


This revolutionary little app allows you to work on your diet before you even purchase food. Simply use your Smartphone to scan the barcode of items at the grocery store. The Fooducate app will then generate a grade (think A, A-, B+, etc) for that potential purchase. Fooducate bases its grade on high levels of sugar, calorie count, fortification, processing, and nutritional value.

With a combination of these healthy technology trends, you can be more active (even while playing video games) and eat better, thanks to your iPhone. It does not require a lot of work to eat a little healthier or add some exercise to your routine, and these time-saving devices and apps are making it even easier.

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