Hosting Your Own Art Opening


If you are an artist you know that art is an important part of your life and your lifestyle. If you’re a new artist it’s still a huge part of who you are, but you might want to get the word out to friends and family. That means that it just might be time for you to have your own art opening.

There are a few factors to hosting your own art opening, from where you’ll have it to what you’ll be serving, and who you’ll invite. If you plan to have an adults only art opening you might be able to be a little more free with the linations. So, where do you start?

Finding A Gallery To Host You

Your first step should be to find a gallery that will host your work. If you already have your stuff in a gallery then they are the likely choice. Art galleries are there to truly help artists, according to Park West Gallery, so you should do what you can to reach out to them to get your work noticed.

Sun Protection Factor Protect Your Face with Quality SunscreenGalleries are the most likely place to host an art show, but they are not the only option. Think about the places that sell art, or where you have your art on view.

Look At Locally Owned Stores

You might be able to find a local store that has handmade items, local art, and other stuff from people that aren’t nationally known. Talk to them about hosting your art show in their business, if they have the room for it.

If you go for this option and some of your art sells, it will be much like selling at a gallery, where the store owner will get some sort of cut on sales.

Have The Party At Your Own Place Or A Rental

If you don’t want to share your money with a business owner you could always host your art opening in your own home, or rent a hall for it. This way all costs will be out of pocket, but then you don’t have to worry about someone else making your money.

You’ll want to make sure you have space for all the people that might show up, music for the background, and something for them to drink and snack on. You’ll also want to be able to provide receipts for sales!

Make Sure You Don’t Forget The Wine And Cheese

If you’ve ever ever been to an art show, or you’ve at least seen an invitation to one, it’s likely you associate wine and cheese with art. While you don’t need to have wine and cheese at your art show, it is a great combination. Wine is also great with chocolate!

Just make sure you aren’t serving minors. If it’s an all ages art show you may want to trade the wine in for some sparkling cider and juices, rather than alcohol.

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