Homemade Remedies And Other Hair Treatment Tips.

Everyone has some hair treatment tips to share. Regardless of whether you want them or not, if you’re sitting with your gal pals and complaining about your hair, you’ll find that hair treatment tips can be very forthcoming from every department.

Hair treatments are necessary if you plan to keep your hair healthy and happy. Furthermore, well maintained hair is also less prone to developing split ends. Nonetheless, with the help of these home-made remedies, you’ll be able to sport healthy glowing tresses that turn heads everywhere you go.

If you’re already looking for hair treatment, tips you’ll find that there is an overload of information. While there are plenty of tips out there, we’re going to share our best home-made remedies here.

Homemade Remedies And Other Hair Treatment Tips.These are so simple and easy to make you’ll be able to have silky happy hair in next to no time:

Mayo and Avocado

Your hair needs protein and mayonnaise and avocado make for the perfect sources of protein. Mayonnaise in particular is a good source of protein since it is made up of fat, oil and eggs and whipped well together. To make this hair mask, take an avocado and mash it to pulp. The next step is to mix the mayo and the avocado together to make hair shiny and healthy.

Strawberries and Oil

If you’re not up to the smell of mayonnaise, how about trying out this tasty home remedy? Take a cup of over ripe strawberries and mash them up well. Add one egg yolk and one 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You can find all these ingredients within your fridge or your kitchen pantry so you won’t have to splurge a lot of cash on these items. Mix well and apply the concoction on to your head. Leave it in for 20 minutes and then wash it off with the help of a mild shampoo.

Cognac and Egg Mask

This is probably the weirdest sounding mask you’ve heard off but if you tried beer and were happy with that, you’ll certainly be happy with the results from this mask. All you have to do is simply take one egg yolk and mix it with 3 – 5 teaspoons of cognac. Depending upon the length of your hair, you can increase these measurements a bit. Once you’ve applied it to your hair, you can leave it in for 20 minutes then rinse of thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Milk and Honey Mask

This is something that almost anyone can make and easily find the ingredients for it in their household. All you have to do is mix one simple spoonful of honey into one glass of whole milk. Mix well and then apply this mixture to your head covering it from root to tip. Leave in the mixture for 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water and shampoo. This mixture might be a bit runny so be sure to keep a cleaning cloth handy to swab up the splatters.

With the help of these hair treatment tips, you’ll soon have shiny, glossy and healthy hair as well.






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