Helpful and Creative Ways to Use Green Tea.

Let’s face it, green tea has many benefits. Like Batman’s trusty utility belt, it is filled with helpful items meant to fight the bad guys (in this case, bad health.)

Tea has been around for centuries. The plant, Camellia sinensis, is the common origin for all types of non-herbal teas.  Exposing these leaves to varying levels of oxidation creates a unique taste and aroma formulating each type of tea.

Oxidation involves exposing the tea leaves to air. The longer these are kept exposed, the more potent the aroma and flavor becomes. Green teas, Yellow or White tea leaves require an early harvest; undergoing a very simple oxidation process to help create a subtle yet distinct taste.

Helpful and Creative Ways to Use Green Tea.Apart from the regular health benefits it provides, drinking tea features other, more unusual uses.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of its more exceptional uses.

  • Alternative Facial Rub

Say goodbye to dull, dry and ugly skin by concocting a tea scrub formula. Mix a bit of water and white sugar with the tea and gently rub all over the face. This will help to exfoliate dead cells; giving the skin a healthy glow.

  • Keeping Teeth Healthy

Unsweetened Oolong tea and its varieties can help strengthen teeth by offering antimicrobial molecules known as catechins.

  • Sunburn Solution

Perfect for curbing down the possibility of sunburn, teas are shown to protect the skin against sun damage and even minimize the possibilities of skin cancer.

  • Dark Circle Eradicator

Tea isn’t just good for drinking, used tea bags can also work great as dark circle removers and puffy eye killers. Incredibly adaptable, Green tea contains tannin which can improve the elasticity of living tissue like the skin. This compound also reduces swelling and puffiness.

  • Wood Furniture Cleaner

Considered as one of the best tea around, green tea is also great for furniture cleaning! Simply dip a soft cloth into a cup of freshly brewed tea, put on some elbow grease and buff away all that grime and dirt.

  • Keeping Roses Beautifully Blooming

Open up a teabag and sprinkle the leaves into the mulch. Watering the plants will allow the nutrients to reach the soil. Roses adore the tannin found in teas so they will easily absorb it and grow healthy.

  • Natural Liver Booster

Teas contain natural antioxidants which are designed to prevent liver disease. This also helps strengthen regular liver functions.

  • Acne Stopper

Conclusive tests have shown that green tea does offer some sort of relief from acne. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the effects of androgens.

  • Say Goodbye to Boils

When fighting against a nasty boil, place a boiled tea bag over it. Leave it all night and it will drain out all the boil without any pain.

  • Instant Deodorant

Applying tea water to the underarm generally minimizes the effects of heat and stress to the pits; keeping it from smelling suspect on a hot summer afternoon.

The amazing benefits of Oolong tea, Green tea and their variants help tout it as a wonderful miracle compound. They offer a long-range of health benefits as well as a couple of ingenious uses worth trying out.






Debra Wright enjoys a multi-hyphenated identity. She is an online marketing specialist, writer, cat lover, and aspiring cupcake critic. Wright’s articles about benefits of Oolong tea draws on her passion for learning and dedication to share her discoveries to others. Get updated on what she’s discovering now @debrawrites

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