Healthy Living on Campus: How College Students Can Stay Fit.

Healthy Living on Campus: How College Students Can Stay Fit.Are you worried about gaining the freshman 10 or 15 during the first semester of college? Have you struggled to keep those muscles that you worked so hard to develop now that you are juggling college coursework and an active social life?

Do you plop down on the couch any time you have a free minute because you feel so exhausted from long hours of study and partying? Have you noticed that you can barely keep your eyes open during your mid-afternoon class?

These are concerns that should be addressed immediately because college students have a tendency to neglect their health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle on campus does not have to be boring, painful, or expensive, but it will need some thought and planning. The following tips could be beneficial to students who feel they are turning into couch potatoes:

Make Use of Free College Facilities

Most colleges are exercise friendly and provide students with free access to pools, tennis courts, weight rooms and other facilities that make staying in shape easier. Some even have racket ball and bike paths. Students should join with college buddies and make use of the exercise options most suited to their personalities. This will keep the fun in physical fitness.

Create Exercise Opportunities

College students love any excuse for getting together. Granted, this usually involves a cookout or lounging around watching movies, but these are not the only entertainment options. Why not invite a gang of friends over to try yoga moves or host a dance marathon? Students could even try a kick boxing video or run through a zoomba fitness routine.

Become a Picky Eater

Yes, mom spent at least ten years teaching you to eat everything on the plate, but college students should no longer abide by these rules. In fact, it is best for students to stay as far away from buffets as possible and to skip fried foods whenever possible. When eating out, it is good to split large servings with a friend or to have the server put half of the meal into a take-out box before bringing the other half to the table. This is an easy way to keep students from consuming too many calories. Another way to control the amount of food eaten at a meal is to drink a glass of water before eating or to eat an apple just before starting a meal. These will fill the stomach in a healthy way without adding calories.

College students should not spend their semesters worrying about their weight, but they should become more cognizant about forming healthy habits. By consuming a variety of healthy foods in the proper proportions and making exercise a priority, students will have the energy they need to reach their educational goals. The good fitness habits formed during these difficult years will be just as important in the future for relieving the stress of family and career.

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