Diabetes Mellitus Management: Self Treatment and Glucose Control.

Diabetes mellitus management; practical healthy self treatment plan and lifestyle modification. The public is under the mistaken notion that diabetes is not curable. It can be cured, but here is how to manage it.

As a diabetic, here is what you should do to effectively manage diabetes.

  1. Acquire knowledge on treatment options and procedures. It all starts by knowing what affects you and how it does affect you. The best source of information about your health status is a medical professional.
  2. Correct diagnosis is essential. After and while acquiring knowledge, you should confirm with a doctor about your health.
  3. Daily self-examination to decide progress and effects of the diabetes. Together with self-care, it is possible to effectively manage diabetes mellitus. Recording daily experiences will help you stick to your guideline and in monitoring your progress.
  4. Lifestyle changes such as changes in dieting and other social habits such as smoking. Environmental risks such as inadequate or lack of physical exercises and being overweight do increase the risk of development and the effects of diabetes. Eating healthy balanced diets and exercising regularly helps avoid diabetes. Dieting should be one in accord with insulin intake to support the recommended glucose levels in the blood. Diets that include  fruits and vegetables should also be included in the diabetic’s diet plan. Physical exercise improves glycemic control and helps avoid weight gain.
  5.  Regular checkups by a medical professional. Always consult with your doctor. This helps you in recovery as the evaluation of your progress determines your treatment options.
  6. Diabetes is associated with risk increase of severity of dental carries, gingival inflammation and periodontal diseases. Therefore, avoid consumption of substances that will accelerate the development of these diseases such as sugar.
  7. Aspirin. Daily aspirin therapy can help manage cardiovascular conditions. This can help to manage myocardial infractions and stroke. This should be done in accord with your doctor’s prescription. Take note however that Aspirin will mask a condition and certainly doesn’t “prevent” the condition, that is why you need to consult your doctor.
  8. Treatment should be done all round reducing blood glucose and all other risk factors such as smoking, hyperlipidemia and obesity and hypertension. As diabetes is attributed to several other lifestyle diseases, you should embark on an all round approach of improving your health to avoid development of other complications. Diabetes being a disease involving blood glucose, here are simple

Steps in controlling blood glucose.

  1. Eating a healthy balanced diet each day. With the recommended amounts, there is just the optimum amount of glucose that your body requires.
  2. Avoiding or reducing consumption of concentrated sweets such as sugar. These types of sugar, additives, contain empty calories which add no nutrient value to your body. Honey does not have empty calories, now that is healthy.
  3. Planning and scheduling of small meals spread during the day. This gives your body the chance to assimilate all the glucose without over working your pancreas.
  4. Avoiding skipping of meals; and intake them on a planned schedule. This gives the body a ‘rhythm’ of metabolic functioning.
  5. Regular exercising helps you check your weight. This not only manages diabetes but it does help avoid other health complications.
  6. Being disciplined on the physician’s recommendations and prescriptions. Consult and work with your doctor to make sure effective management of your condition. Preferably, work with a Holistic Health practitioner who will actually get to the cause of the disease and not just manage and perpetuate it.

Which ways and techniques have you found to be effective in diabetes management?

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