How To Have A Healthier College Experience

When it comes to starting college there is a belief that freshman, in their first year of college, will gain 15 pounds. It’s rightfully called the freshman 15. However, your college experience doesn’t have to be an unhealthy one.

Even those rushing for sororities and fraternities risk things like dehydration, but they don’t have to if they simply use a little caution. Here are a few different things that you can do to have a healthier college experience, and make it through your freshman year without gaining weight.

Make Healthier Meal Choices

While most college students live on a diet of macaroni and cheese and Ramen noodles, there are healthier choices you can make that are still just as simple to make. While you aren’t going to have time and space to cook complete meals, you should have room for some quick to microwave from the cupboard or freezer foods.

Consider things like turkey burgers and sausages, instead of red meat. Buy microwaveable rice, which you can get in individual serving size packs, to replace more fattening pasta options. You should also try to get some fresh fruits and vegetable when you can, even if it’s just carrot sticks.

Opt For Healthy Drinking

College is a time of experimentation, and while you may be tempted to spend many nights getting drunk at parties you should still consider having something healthy to drink. You definitely want to stay hydrated with some plain old water, even when you are drinking.

Skip store bought juices, which can be full of sugar and extra calories. It may not be convenient to make your own fruit juice at college, but you can find some sugar free and organic options if you get tired of drinking water only.

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Spent Time In The Gym

Even if you can only fit a small trip to the gym in once a week, it’s still a wise thing to do. Remember, when you are walking to different classes in different buildings each day you will be getting a lot of extra steps into each day, which can aid in keeping off that freshman 15, as long as you aren’t packing in the calories with beer every night, and junk food.

A trip to the gym will allow you to focus on some target areas, like your legs (to have more stamina when walking from class to class), or even for your tummy (to help keep off that impending beer gut). You could do some exercises in your own dorm room if you have a simple set of hand weights tucked under your bed.

Don’t let your first year of college make you fat and lazy, take some time to stay healthy. Being healthy will also help you have more energy for getting through classes and tests.

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