HCG Drops can help in Reaching your Weight Loss Dream

Only few diets work and among the few HCG diet has a strong name. The HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone secreted in the body of pregnant women. In fact most pregnancy tests are based on HCG hormone. ‘

What Is HCG Diet?

There two main factors in HCG diet. The first is the actual diet which is similar to calorie restriction. Other factor is the hormone itself. It is the combination of these two factors that make the HCG diet work. So for a person to lose weight one should adhere to the calorie restriction which is around 500 to 1200 calories and the other is the hormone.

An Important Note About Hormone:

The hormone is adulterated in today’s market. Therefore, one should seek for pure HCG. A pure HCG is another name for pharmaceutical grade HCG. If and only if you are consuming the pure HCG you will lose the weight.

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What Is Homeopathy HCG?

Pure HCG are a little expensive. In order to cut the cost of manufacturing pure HCG manufacturers turned towards homeopathy HCG. These types of hormones are created using the principles of Homeopathy. However, when one considers the amount of HCG present in homeopathy HCG, it hardly has trace amounts. Moreover, according to FDA, homeopathy HCG drops are illegal.

How To Find Pure HCG?

To find pure HCG you need to find merchants of HCG hormone. The online world is filled with HCG merchants claiming to sell the purest form of HCG. But it is only we know that only a handful of them sell real HCG. Some patience and research is required to find established merchants in HCG industry.

Best Way To Find Reputable Merchants:

There are several methods to find best merchants of HCG. One of the ways, however, is fast and consumes less time. It is to find the reviews of these merchants. We come across reviews of every sort of product and niche online. The same applies for HCG drops too. Well, for HCG drops one of the review sites is This site has comparison for all sorts of HCG merchants present online. Moreover, it also provides details of whether the merchant sells pure HCG or homeopathy HCG. Hence, you can find out which sort of HCG you are looking for.

How Much Weight Can One Lose With HCG Drops?

One can lose one pound to 3 pounds per day on average. However, personally, we have noticed that 15 pounds is easily lost in a period of 30 days. But this will vary from person to person. Some of you might lose less than 15 pounds per month and some might lose more than 15 pounds per month.
Finally, there are loads of testimonials out there that can vouch for HCG diet. This is not just another fad diet that is pushed through marketing and advertising heavily. This is just a diet that works and is circulated around by people who have experienced weight loss.

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