Hair Care Items Every Woman Needs No Matter Their Hair Length

Even if you aren’t the type of woman that puts much work into their hair, there are still some things you should have on hand, even if you just use them once a year. Sometimes you need to do a little something more to your locks, maybe for a wedding or a night on the town. Maybe you change your hairstyle often and need different things at different times, items for short hair a couple years and long hair the next, until you get it cut again.

No matter what it is you do with your hair, or want to do with your hair, it’s likely you either have some of these items already, have had them in the past, or maybe you will need them in the future. Here is a simple little guide to remind you what you should have on hand, just in case a night on the town calls for a fun new hair-do!

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The Right Brush

It would take far too many words to let you know about all the types of brushes there are and what they can do for your hair. There are many different bristle types, that work better with some hair types and worse with others.

Most brushes you find will have nylon or boar bristles. Boar is wonderful and gently for children’s hair, while nylon is a good choice for styling. Bristles aren’t the only thing to look at, however, as there are many brush types.

Vented brushes are perfect for those that blow dry their hair, and don’t serve much more of a purpose unless feathered hair comes back into style. Oval-shaped cushion and paddle brushes are simply created for brushing, the latter made perfect for long hair. If you want a good styling brush pick a round brush or a classic styling brush.

A Comb Of Some Sort

Many women probably don’t even own combs, unless you have hair that has a habit of knotting up. Then you just might have a detangling comb on hand. Pick combs are perfect for tight curls, although perms are far less popular now, as they once were in the 70s and 80s.

Curling Iron Or Flat Iron

Even women with short hair may come into need for a curling iron at some point. The size of the iron will depend on your hair length and the style that you want to accomplish with the curling iron. There is more to your purchase than size, and not all curling irons are created equal, so it can help to do some research and read some reviews before you make a purchase.

If you have medium to long hair that is wavy or curly and you want to try something different, a flat iron or straightener will be the perfect purchase for you. For fun you could invest in a waiver or crimper. People with shorter hair styles may want to invest in a good blow dryer, which can help you repeat the sleek style you left the salon with.

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