A Gym Guide For Beginners; Commonly Used Gym Jargons Explained.

The gym language is easy and fun once you get to know it. It is like learning a whole new language. But the great thing is that it is a learnable skill.

  • The most common is Aerobics or aerobic training; this training or exercise is meant for the heart rate. It increases your heart rate and strengthens the heart muscles and lungs. This is slow-paced and You may not have to go to the gym to do this training some of the things you can engage in are swimming, running, cycling, cross trainers etc.
  • We then have the anaerobic training or exercise, which is much faster as opposed to the aerobics exercise. It is mostly recommended to have a guide to do this or a gym instructor as most of the time it involves less oxygen and quick movements.
  • Personal trainers, these are the people who take you through the exercises at the gym. They should be trained A Gym Guide For Beginners Commonly Used Gym Jargons Explainedas they are handling the human body. They help you achieve your goals in the gym. They are qualified to guide you.
  • Pumped or being pumped: This term is used to refer to the temporary increase of size of your muscle after weight training.
  • Cardio is used to refer to aerobics. Some say cardio while others say aerobics it’s about the same in meaning. It’s the short form meaning of cardiovascular exercise.
  • Sets – Sets means the amount of times you repeat an exercise. Example 10 sit ups is one set, and you may be required to do 5 sets so that totals up to 50 sit ups.
  • Core training: This is a training that manly involves the abdomen and lower back muscles. If that is where you want the concentration of you training to be, then your attentions should be on core training.
  • Pecs or Pectoral muscles – The big muscles that are on the chest which are used when your arms or upper body are pushed forward. A term used by many weight lifters. They also like using Gun show to refer to their Muscular arms. A catchy word, there is also the Hammies to refer to the muscles that are at the back of the
    thighs full name is hamstrings.
  • As one trains or exercise there is a liquid, which the muscles produce; referred to Lactic acid. Slowing down dramatically or stopping in your activity will speed up the Lactic Acid process.
  • The term Intervals which refers to quick and intense movements. Resistance training is also a term used to mean weight training.
  • Juice: It used to mean steroids.
  • Ripped: means the one has a great-defined physique.
  • Abs means abdominal muscles.
  • Agility is the ability to move the body with ease and fast.
  • BMI or body mass index compares your height and your weight to know if you’re in the right weight for your height.
  • Dumbbell and Barbell: The dumbbell is a short bar that weights at each end of training bar, while barbell is adjustable weight disks at the end of the bars.
  • While Free Weights is weight that has no attachment to any object in the gym.
  • The gym language is diverse and as you frequent the gym you learn a new word referring to the exercise you are doing.

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