Tips on How to Build A Greener Home for You and Your Family.

Nowadays, there are many home styles and designs that aspiring homeowners could choose from, depending on their tastes and preferences. It is even possible to have a home-built from scratch and customize every single detail according to the owner’s fancy. What’s even better is that there are now a lot of green options for home-building, so people can have the home of their dreams without posing harm on the environment, and on their family’s health.

Your home’s foundation

One of the most important aspects of any home is its foundation. The foundation of a home may not be immediately recognized, but through time, it will be tried and tested. A house that’s sturdily built will last for years without requiring any fixes or overhaul. Today, there are already a lot of eco-friendly options to make sure the durability of a house – thanks to ever-advancing technology and the rising awareness of manufacturers when it comes to environmental preservation; owning a beautiful and sturdy home is now achievable sans the environmental hazards.

Tips on How to Build A Greener Home for You and Your Family.Here are some Eco-friendly materials that you can have your dream house to be built with:


The use of earth-friendly materials such as mud brick has been present since the earliest civilization due to its simplicity to produce and manufacture. Mud bricks are essentially made of clay earth, which could be conveniently found in your backyard, and straw that are molded and dried through the heat of the sun. Although the production of the mud bricks is quite easy, most home builders would be required to undergo a lot of hard physical work before they could create a home that could last for a long time if it is well maintained.

Rammed earth

This building material is fairly simple to produce but like mud brick, it would require hard physical work from your homebuilders. A formwork, made up of two flat panels, are filled with a mixture of clay, gravel, sand, silt and cement  that is finally coated with a sealant to help protect the wall from destruction. Local materials could be gathered and use to build a home that is highly durable.


Strawbale is primarily composed of straw, which is considered as waste by the different farms that burn them, and mud that are made into blocks. This highly durable material is also preferred by most homeowners because it provides great insulation to heat and sound. Homebuilders who would use this material to build the homes of their client should come highly prepared of the intensive workload that they would face.


Unlike the first three materials, steel is not that easy to make although a house made of steel could really last for a lifetime. It is highly durable but it is completely lightweight, recyclable and reusable. Although this is an earth-friendly material, home owners still use it to give a modern and sophisticated look to their home.


Wood is a plant-based material that can be reused or used as compost after a certain period. Although there are many different types of wood out in the market today, home builders should choose wood that comes from a reliable source and not the ones that come from endangered trees.

Aside from using eco-friendly construction materials for your newly built home, you can also make use of Earth-friendly equipment and appliances to conserve energy and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.


Refrigerators, especially the old models, are one of the appliances that consume most of the energy in the home. Nowadays, there are refrigerators, which use up to 50% less energy, that are currently sold in the market. These refrigerators have an Energy star label in them to help identify them from the other standard refrigerators.

Induction stoves

Induction stoves are powered by electricity and they function by producing a magnetic field that reacts to the iron particles of the different cooking wares made of stainless steel, enamelled steel or cast iron. In this process, molecular excitation happens and this is responsible for producing the heat that will cook the food without heating up the stove. As compared to gas and other electrical stoves, the induction stove proves to be the most efficient.

Waste disposal machines

Waste disposal machines are highly useful to homeowners with or without their own backyard farm. Leftover and food waste are chopped into smaller pieces and are lead to a compost bin where it could be further degraded into compost, which could be then used to fertilize greenery.

Energy-efficient light

The home could be lighted by various ways, which could either be earth-friendly or not. The light source could come from the natural light provided by the sun during the day if there are large windows or even a sun roof is present. Sometimes, a whole wall might be made of glass to let the sunshine in during the day and then covered with curtains during the night to prevent strangers from peeping inside the home.

Artificial lighting may also be made earth-friendly with the use of LED lights instead of the old-fashioned bulbs and fluorescent light that we have. These lights consume less energy while still providing adequate brightness inside and outside the home. Altering the brightness of these lights is also made possible so that you could adjust it to fit conditions such as a romantic dinner,  working on or reading papers or even just watching television.

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