Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything.

We all have that one person in our lives we can never seem to find the right gift for.  Every time a holiday rolls around, it’s the same struggle that usually ends in giving up with the same thing—a gift card to a store she shops at or a restaurant he likes.  This year, try one of these ideas to break the endless gift card cycle.

An Experience

Rather than buying something your friend or loved one may or may not need, give them something everyone wants: a memory.  Buy tickets to a concert, play, or other performance such as the symphony, depending on the person’s tastes in entertainment, and attend the event with them in order to create a lasting moment.  If he enjoys going to museums, buy him a membership to your local art museum, science museum, or whatever else he would enjoy frequent visits.  If the recipient is more of a couch potato, give a “movie night” basket filled with a movie she likes, some popcorn, and her favorite candy, or a basket filled with all the fixings to make her favorite meal so she can enjoy a night in.

An “Of the Month” Club

No matter what the tastes or interests of the person you’re shopping for, there’s bound to be a program that will send a new item each month.  For beverage lovers, there is beer, wine, tea, and coffee of the month clubs.  For food lovers, there are a huge variety of clubs for desserts, jams, fruits, hot sauces, pastas, and even peanut butters of the month and jerky of the month.  There are even clubs that will send movies, neckties, teddy bears, dog treats, flowers, candles, or cigars to your recipient each month.  Just a bit of research is sure to unearth the perfect membership.

Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything.A Fun Accessory

When someone has everything, this opens a whole world of accessories for all that cool stuff.  For the mom who loves her dog, give her a fun tote bag to carry all of Rover’s stuff when they go for walks.  For the brother who loves his car, treat him to some new floor mats, a steering wheel cover, or other accessories to add a loving touch to his ride.  For the techie father, buy him an iPhone case with a design that reflects his personality or a new laptop case.  The main purpose is to give them something to dress up their favorite item or hobby, and give them something to think of you.

A Charitable Donation

Sometimes the best gift is giving to others.  Instead of the gift card this year, consider using the same amount you’d normally spend and instead sending it to a charity in his or her name.  For example, if your sister’s favorite animal is an elephant, adopt a baby elephant through the National Wildlife Federation. If your dad is a veteran and proud of it, donate to a veteran’s charity in his honor.  Most charities will send you a certificate or other information to say thank you and your recipient is sure to be touched by the gesture when they see the thought that was put into the gift rather than a run of the mill monetary present.



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