Airline Travel Tips When Travelling With Your Gadget Devices.

While there have been several problematic incidents involving laptops and smartphones during flights, neither of the devices are actually forbidden on a plane. In fact, if you were to check out the TSA website, you will see that some airlines even offer free WiFi for their passengers.

Are Your Gadgets Flying With You? Airline Travel Tips When Traveling.Take the businessmen who need to carry a laptop and smart phone with them at all times for example, are they going to send their laptops by train, bus or car in advance when they have to attend a meeting in another city? Of course not! However, there are some noteworthy differences on what an executive can expect from the Internet connection on a commercial flight compared to the one in private jet charters.


Commercial flights finally have Internet

While the commercial airlines allow all passengers to take their gadgets inside the cabin, there is one restriction: the devices should be turned off during take-offs and landings, and are safe to be turned back on when the plane reaches the 10,000 feet altitude. In general, during the flight, the captains will inform travelers that it is safe to use electronics products. In my opinion, this is just a minor inconvenience and it is very likely that it has something to do with the fact that airline internet providers’ services do not work at lower altitudes.

Even though the Internet fee is insignificant, there are some elements you should be aware of if you intent to travel with your smartphone or laptop. First of all, it is recommended that you turn the privacy filter on to prevent others from accessing the data on your device. This is particularly useful if you are traveling with employees from other companies in your industry. In addition, the Internet access from a commercial flight will not allow you to get access to certain sites that are considered inappropriate or offensive to other travelers.

The security checkpoint procedures

If you are accustomed with air travel, then I’m sure you know the golden rule of arriving at the airport one hour in advance to pass through all the security checkpoints. In the eventuality that you want to take your laptop with you, here are some tips to help you get over this irritating task over faster. First off, make sure that you pack the electronic device in a padded carry-on bag to save around 10 minutes of searching for it inside the luggage.

If you are carrying a larger electronic device (notebook or laptop), it is very important that the carry-on bag does not incorporate any metal pieces that can obstruct the X-ray scanning and that you only pack the gadget and its accessories inside. You have nothing to worry about the X-rays damaging your device, since the magnetic fields typically generated by the machine are not really that powerful.

However, take note that the metal detector will detect your device, so don’t forget to let the airport’s security personnel know that you are carrying a laptop/smartphone with you. Also, remember that there is always the possibility to ask the security personnel for a hand verification of the device, a typical procedure in the case of cameras and films.

A possible solution: Private jet charters

At this point, I hope it is clear that you can take and use a laptop with you during a flight, as long as you steer clear of financial transactions and protect your business data well. From this point of view, you can conclude that the main use of a laptop in these conditions is entertainment. However, from the business environment perspective, it can very well be a waste of time and money.

By booking a private jet charter, you can overcome the limitations posed by the low levels of security proprietary to public wireless networks. In fact, the introduction of the high-speed Internet connections on private charters has opened a new page in the industry. Corporate private jets these days incorporate anything that you will ever need to conduct a successful business transaction, from reliable high-speed internet that permits you to make last-minute changes to top-notch devices for holding a conference.

Nowadays, if you truly want to impress an important client and get that huge contract you always dreamed of, you can count on the help of private jet services to provide you with your very own office in the sky!

[ Hi, I’m Chad and I enjoy blogging about private jet charters and air travel in general. ]

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