Fun Ideas For Easy, Relaxed First Dates.

For some people, dating can be a truly fun and fulfilling experience. They love meeting new people, trying out new foods, and experiencing new things, so they don’t feel the pressure that many people in the dating scene typically feel. For those who do feel that dating is certainly a daunting and challenging task, though, the first thing they need to do is get over the fear of the first date.

Fun Ideas For Easy, Relaxed First Dates

As long as you overcome the initial fear of meeting someone on a date for the first time, you can really get into the experience and just enjoy yourself, taking in the positive attributes of the person you’re with and taking in the atmosphere of the date itself, whether you’re sipping wine at a jazz club or you’re trying exotic cuisine at a new restaurant together. Once you establish a great connection on that first date, every other date will be even easier. But the key to making that all-important connection on the first date is choosing the right first date location and activity.
Below are some fun and easy ideas for first dates that will keep your nerves under control and that smile on your face.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

This date idea is perfect for those times of the year when the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is nice and warm, such as in the early autumn or in the spring, or even during a cooler day during the summer. Take advantage of this great weather to take your date outdoors and enjoy the natural world. Choose a tranquil spot, like a picnic area on a mountain or a quiet area of the beach, where you both can enjoy the fresh air and the natural scenery. Choose to walk and talk, sit down on a blanket and take in the ocean’s waves, go hiking if you feel adventurous or go biking.

Nature tends to ease our worries, so exposing yourself to the warming rays of the sun, the soft breeze, and the sounds and sights of the local ecosystem will help you stay relaxed, and you can focus more on being yourself.

Skip Dinner and Go for Dessert

Many people who go on first dates are intimidated by the idea of having to spend a long time at dinner with someone they have just met. But you can ease this intimidation by going out just for dessert instead. Choose from restaurants and cafes in your area that boast delectable dessert menus and then meet up after dinnertime on a Friday or Saturday night, when neither one of you needs to worry about getting up early for work the next morning.

A dessert and some coffee or tea will take much less time to devour, so if you are not enjoying yourself, you can cut the evening short. If, however, you are really enjoying each other’s company, you can opt to extend your date by doing something like taking a stroll along the city streets, going stargazing, or checking out a late-night movie, concert, or comedy show.


About the author: Lisa Affleck loves bringing people together and helping to create happy endings, yet she knows how difficult it can be for individuals using seniors dating sites. Lisa helps seniors meet seniors by providing tips on fun and easy first dates during which they can really get to know each other without feeling any pressure.

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