Four Fun Fall Clothing Ideas

Autumn means cooler weather and time for more layers, longer sleeves and length, and thicker materials. One thing fashion forward people love about the changing seasons is the ability to unpack those stored away clothes and buy new items to fit the new fashion forward looks of that season. This fall is a little different, as you’ll see in a moment.

Fall Colors

Most of the time the change to autumn fashion looks means a change to more muted colors, rather than bright colors. Think grays, browns, and greens in natural, earthy tones. However, this year some of the bright tones from summer are crossing over into autumn.

You don’t just want to wear the bright color though. You need to pair it up with something that is part of the normal fall color scheme. That bright piece just might add a smile to your face, and someone else’s, and help keep a little bit of summer with you a little longer.

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Fall Dresses

Fall is all about the maxi dress, and each year you switch from the skimpy sundress to the full blown maxi that covers your legs and keeps you warm. This isn’t the only dress out there though. This year try something new.

Look into other cultures for some fun style, like a salwar kameez. This beautifully colored dress comes from south and central Asia, as well as other places. It can add something new and cultural to your otherwise lackluster fall wardrobe.

Fall Layers

Layers aren’t just about wearing a cardigan over your dress shirt or putting a turtleneck under your sweater. Layers include pants, skirts, leggings, the above mentioned items, and even what you’ll be wearing to step outside. It’s about warmth and it’s about the ability to remove a layer or two when you’re too warm.

You can have extra fun with layers when you add in infinity scarves and faux fur collars. You might even want some fingerless gloves for days when it’s cool but not cold.

Boots And Coats

It’s not yet time for snow boots, but some nice knee high leather boots, or even some short suede boots, can be a great addition to any fall wardrobe. Be prepared for some rainy fall days and nights and have some quick mud boots on hand as well.

The same goes for jacket time. It’s not cold enough for a down coat, but you want something to give you a little warmth. A fun hoodie could be all you need. Cooler nights might call for a wool peacoat.

Fall is all about beautifully changing colors, crisper weather, night around the bonfire, and, of course, Halloween. Be ready for the change with a great wardrobe that will help you transition from warm summer night to chilly winter days.

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