Four Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Rats.

There are few animals in this world that fill people with dread as much as rats do. We typically associate rats with vermin, disease and even death. In fact, even in the modern-day and age rats are known to costs billions of dollars of damage each year. They are known to spoil food, they gnaw through electrical cables, and they have even been known to bite human beings.

With that being said, they do offer certain benefits to the human race, most of which you probably aren’t even aware of. This post will introduce you to a number of facts about rats that you probably never knew.

Rats are Tougher than You Would Think

Rats continue to accumulate in vast numbers, although they have the ability to withstand some pretty terrifying conditions. In fact, they are able to adapt to pretty much any environment they find themselves in. A rat can fall from over five stories high without injury and they are able to go longer without water than a camel. Rats have the ability to swim over 800 metres across any stretch of water and they can survive the effects of radiation. Over time, they have even managed to build up immunity to various poisons.

Rats for Dinner Anyone?

There are various creatures which rely on rats to be a staple part of their diet. These include snakes, owls and hawks, as well as numerous larger predators. You may also be surprised to hear that certain breeds of dogs were specifically conceived to become future rat hunters, and terriers are probably rats’ worst enemy when it comes to dogs. Many countries around the world also see rats as a great meal for human consumption. Rats are regularly eaten in parts of China, Africa, and various regions of South East Asia.

Rat Kings

Four Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Rats.License: Creative Commons image source

Don’t be fooled into thinking a rat king is a one-off and a creature that all the other rats worship – No, a rat king is actually no more than a freak accident. This is when a number of rats clustered together get their tails tangled with each other, typically leading to death, as they are unable to escape from each other. There have been incidents of “rat kings” ever since the Middle Ages, although they seem to be found most often in Germany. The largest ever known rat king was found in a fireplace in Buchheim, Germany and featured 32 black rat corpses all tangled together by their tails. Many countries believe the sign of a rat king is an extremely bad omen and signifies disease and death.

Rats in Your Home

Four Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Rats.License: Creative Commons image source

Trying to make sure that your home remains rat free can be an extremely difficult and thankless task, as they can squeeze in through tiny crevices. It is also said that a rat’s teeth are so strong that they are ever harder than steel, thus meaning they can gnaw through just about anything found in the home. Once they’ve entered your home they are extremely to get rid of and don’t believe that rats are stupid. They are extremely clever creatures and will typically realize that a trap has been set, which is probably why so many people have to turn to a professional exterminator to rid themselves of a rat problem.






This post is written by Mark Ross, an employee at ICE, licensed service providers for mice removal in Toronto. He is an avid fan of National Geographic and likes to read about animal species that are now extinct.

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