How to do Floor Sanding and Polishing the Right Way

Everyone wants to make their house beautiful and they often change the interiors of their home; they remodel it in order to make it more attractive and presentable. One of the parts that need regular refurbishment is the floor. Due to the regular use the floor wears off pretty quickly and because of this reason one need to take proper care. Mostly, the wood floors get highly affected by heavy traffic. Scratches, stains, cracks etc. make them look dirty. But sanding and polishing the wood floor can bring around the attractiveness it had when it was made. But rather than employing a professional and spending out a lot of money you can also do it yourself.

How to do Floor Sanding and Polishing the Right Way

There are few simple steps in order to make your wood floor shiny and new.

  • Clear off the room first; this will give you a lot of space to work. Have a thorough check up of the floor. Find out if there is any nail bulging out of the floor and use a hammer it and make the floor smooth to work on. If there are holes on the floor then use sawdust and timber putty to seal them off.
  • Sanding may not be tough but it produces a lot of dust. So to keep other rooms clean use plastic sheets and tapes to seal off the sides of the door. The window is enough for ventilation. Cover the electric boards, switches, ducts etc. Hire a big floor sander and a hand sander to sand the corners and edges of the floor. Learn the proper way to handle the machine; learn what types of sand paper should be used for a particular type of floor and then load the sand paper into the machine.
  • If this is not the first time the floor is being sanded and polished then one has to remove old stains and patches with the help of a rough sand. The rough-cut sand papers are ideal for this job. Load up to 24 grit sand papers and start from a corner of the room and then come diagonally. Be very careful with the machine. After switching on the machine slowly lower it; the sand paper will come in contact with the floor. The moment the contact is made, you need to give a push. Once you reach the end, then you need to slowly pull up the sander and bring it back to the starting point. Keep repeating the same until the previous polish is not completely removed. After finishing the room one has to sand the edges of the floor and to do that use the hand-sanders. When that is done clean the place for next step.
  • This time use 80 grit sand papers to sand and repeat the same process. This is known as medium sanding. After finishing it you need to again clean the complete floor.
  • For the final sanding, you can use 120 grit sand papers. It will make the floor smooth. The same process must be repeated until the expected result is not reached. Clean the floor properly because dust will ruin the next step and that is polishing.
  • Decide what kind of finish you want to give to your floor; select the material accordingly. Try to pick something that is environment friendly. There are finishes like matt, gloss and satin. Choose any of them and select a color. Start coating the floor with the selected color and follow that up with light sand. Once finished clean of the remaining dust. Polishing is the final touch that will bring back the old shine and beauty of the floor. These simple steps will make your interior new again.

Hope you are satisfied with the above mentioned steps and help you in making your wood floor eye-catching. If you still have some doubts then you can go through this link, you’ll get few more information.

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