Five Tips For Making Sure Your Vehicle Is Family Friendly

Your family matters, which is why you want to make sure that you are driving them around in a safe vehicle. Not only do you want a vehicle that is big enough for your family, just in case you want to take a road trip, but you also want one that has good safety ratings, decent gas mileage, and you want to know that you can rely on it’s safety features to help keep your family safe.

Most accidents happen within minutes from home, so you want a vehicle that has air bags and other safety features. You also want to make sure that your children are always seated properly, and that you too are wearing seatbelts for safety. Your safety is just as important as theirs.


Do The Upkeep

The beginnings of a safe vehicle start with maintaining it. That means getting regular vehicle upkeep done, not just when you are planning to drive a distance. Get your oil changed when it is recommended, check your tire pressure and your fluids often, and make sure to get tires rotated.

When something seems to be off with your vehicle don’t wait until it turns into something major, take it in and have it looked at.

Need Car Seats?

Know the laws in your home state on when your child should be in child car seats and when they can graduate to simply wearing a seatbelt. No matter where you live, teach your children that the first thing they should always do when getting in the vehicle is to put on their seatbelt, and you do the same.

Child Friendly Music

A family friendly vehicle is one that caters to kids. You don’t want them continually distracting you when you are driving, so make sure to have things that keep them distracted. One thing to help distract them would be having child friendly music (which may also keep them from learning swear words before they should).

Consider A DVD Player

Another great distraction for children in vehicles is to have a portable DVD player. If they are busy watching their favorite movies they’ll be less likely to be arguing with each other, kicking the back of your seat, or continually asking if you’re there yet.

Keep It Clean

You should also keep your interior of your vehicle clean, for your children’s sake. A clean vehicle gives them less things to get into and it helps keep your vehicle interior from developing mold problems. You don’t want your toddler picking up a fossilized fry off the floor any more than you want them getting into an oil container.

Keep your vehicle looking good, and running good, and you can feel more comfortable traveling with your children in it, even if you’re just taking them to school.

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