Five Things You Should Bring To A Networking Event.

Besides the obviously preparatory methods you’ll all know and worship by now, when it comes to business events where networking will be a strong likelihood, it is essential to remember the important things to take with you.

This is by no means an exhaustive check list, but if you’re someone who needs a little promoting here and there, or is perhaps left stranded at an event with no business cards to hand (the shame), then this little list makes for essential preparation before leaving the house or office.

Phone charger

Never. Leave. Home. Without. It. If your phone runs out of battery at a networking event you may as well have not bothered to attend. You’re there to meet people right? Make contacts, right? So don’t start off on the wrong foot by forgetting your phone charger, you’ll need your phone to take notes, take down numbers and schedule meetings. This goes for your personal diary too.

Check the guest list

It might sounds like you’re being taught to suck eggs, but some networking events allow attendees to view the guest list before arriving, and what better way to suss out exactly who you’ll be mixing with? Plan ahead and do some research into the names so you could even know what each person looks like, before you enter the room and start the schmoozing.

Business cards

This one yet again might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often people forget these babies. If you haven’t got any made up yet, Vista Print are always putting on new deals which suit most business types, and theirs is a comprehensive list of styles and formats which can be the difference between securing a client and walking away with nothing. Also I saw a fantastic way to re-use your old business cards on earth 911 recently, which isn’t so much concerned with this post but it was really cool, and I wanted to share it! Business cards, put simply, are the business at networking events.

Fresh ideas

When people go to business networking events, nine times out of 10 they’re looking for something fresh to sink their teeth into, they don’t want to be bored by the same old ideas at every event. This calls for something special, so have a think about what your company has to offer that others may not, these are great talking points to keep the client interested between business talk. Does your business have a nifty way to recycle old paper? Or an inventive bike to work employee scheme? Think of something unique to set yourselves apart and you’ll keep the competition at bay.

Five Things You Should Bring To A Networking Event.Your manners

Please and thank you goes a surprisingly long way in the world of business networking events, so don’t forget this all important rule, as if you would!

This list might sound a little condescending at first, but it doesn’t matter if this is your first or five hundredth networking event, everybody needs a little helping hand in the memory department, and a 5 minute read of these 5 simple steps could be the difference between making new contacts or not.





After a busy day at work, Nancy likes nothing more than to get creative by letting her crafty side take over. When decorating her flat with newly crafted items or hosting a crafting workshop at her local elderly home, she feels in her element. She prefers to use materials that can be recycled such as old business cards, cereal boxes and other recyclable materials. Not only is it cheaper for your pocket but it helps to reduce waste.

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