Five Steps to Healthier Looking Hair

Healthy hair just naturally looks better than hair that is dry, oily or damaged. You don’t have to stop using the things that damage your hair though to get its lustre and health back. Since hair is an accessory you’ll always have, for most people, you want it to look good.

Get Regular Haircuts

It’s important to get your hair cut on a regular basis. Your hairs ends can dry and split, regular haircuts keep this under control. Dryness and breakage can also happen if you get perms or dye your hair often. Chemically treated hair needs extra care to ensure it stays healthy.

If you do color your hair, purchase shampoos and conditioners that are made specially for chemically treated or colored hair. Not only will they help your color last longer, but they’ll also help protect your hair.

Five Steps to Healthier Looking Hair2

Don’t Overwash It

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wash your hair every day. Plus, washing it more than once a day can be bad for your hair. Washing your hair too much removes the natural oils in your hair that make it look healthy and shiny. Instead, just wash it when you know it needs to be washed, like when your scalp starts to get too greasy.

Take It Easy On Styling Aids

Hairspray, gel and other styling aids can cause built up on your scalp. They give you dandruff and make your head itchy. Find items that are alcohol free so they don’t dry out your scalp and hair even more.

When it comes to straightening irons, blow dryers and curling irons, pick ones that are higher quality. You’ll have a better chance of not burning your hair or otherwise damaging it.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner can help keep your hair from drying out. Not only that, but if you find one with natural ingredients it may even help heal damaged locks.

When picking regular shampoo and conditioners always go for something that matches your hair type or that works with the things you do to damage each day, like mentioned previously. You can buy hair care items for heat treated hair, if you blow dry or straighten it a lot. Or if you hair is naturally dry, or greasy, they have products for that too.

Be Gentle With It

The longer your hair is the better chances you have of damaging it. Be easy on long hair by not over brushing it.

If you notice that your hair is thinning or your are finding bald spots, there is help for you too. You can look into hair transplants that will help you look like you never lost a strand.

Love your hair and it will love you back by helping you look great!

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