Five Skin Issues And How To Deal With Them

Your skin serves many purposes, one of which is protecting your insides and holding your body together. Without skin you’d be pretty scary looking. As well as being a protective casing for your body, your skin also works to regulate body temperature and it is the basis for your sense of touch.


While most people think that acne is just a problem for children when they are going through puberty and into their teenage years, they are something that anyone can suffer from at nearly any age. Acne is caused by an infection of the glands in your skin.

Regular face washing is important for avoiding acne. You can buy medicines over the counter, and even see dermatologists for severe cases. If you want to try something natural, tea tree oil can help dry out pimples and heal them.

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Some moles are OK and will never be anything more than just a mole. However, some moles can lead to trouble. That is why it is important to check out your moles on a regular basis, even if you need to get some help looking them over.

Moles that may be cancerous have certain signs, you just need to know what to look for. Changes can happen with moles as well, so checking them often may detect cancer sooner.

Spots And Blemishes

Whether you just have some weird spots on your skin, like redness, or you are older and experiencing age spots, skin is affected by nature, the air, and what you eat and put on it. Lemon juice is a nice natural lightener for age spots, and other skin issues can usually be easily taken care of depending on what the issue is.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are fairly common. In fact, around 50 percent of adults will develop them. Normally they happen on spots of the body with a lot of friction, like armpits, and commonly around the eyes as well. They are also more common in overweight and obese people.

Skin tags pose no problem, but if they are bothering you they can be removed with natural oil treatments.


Dry skin is a pain for those that suffer from it. It can be a sign of other health issues, but normally it’s just a flaw in the way you are caring for your skin. You may want to use moisturizers more regularly, or change your facial cleansing routine.

Your skin may shed and continue to grow, but it’s also the only protection your insides have, so take great care of it. That means eating healthy, proper cleaning and care, as well as checking on any issues, like changing moles, and making sure that you pay close attention to any changes at all.

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